How i manage to stay slim!

Five years back i was really fat and out of shape.I wanted to get back to shape but due to my job and family i was not able to find time for myself.I realised what i had done to myself when my boyfriend left me for another girl.I had lost my love and my only way to get him back was to become more attractive.I joined a weight loss program that helped me get back in shape.

But joining a weight loss program isn't enough.One has to really work hard and follow some strict schedules.But the best part is that it really payed and was worth it.Most important things i have learnt and applied in my life are as follows:
*best form of weight loss is gradual one,ie,it is best to lose weight by burning calories through exercise.The results are very slow but longer lasting.
*Eat as much as you can burn with a workout.this prevents any extra calories from accumulating as fat.
*Choose just one form of exercise but do it regularly for about a hour.I prefer to exercise early morning because as the day progresses i get tired and don't feel like exercising.
*If you feel hungry too much and want to cut down on you calories here is what you can do.Start your meal with a glass of water followed by a fresh salad and then your meal.This will not leave you hungry and you will end up eating less.Make sure you do not starve yourself.If you starve yourself your body will not get proper nutrition and you may develop deficiencies.Moreover if you starve your hunger will keep on troubling you till you end up eating more.
It helps me stay slim but i guess it is best to consult a professional dietitian because each case requires individual diet plan and exercise routine.

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Why does my skin need SUN PROTECTION ?

Sunlight is the single most important sourse of UV radiation exposure to human skin.Light between wavelengths of 200nm to 400nm is called UV radiation.The response of the skin to sun exposure include Vitamin D synthesis , tanning , sunburn , aging , and predisposition to skin cancers.Vitamin D synthesis is a useful response while the rest of them are harmful responses.
Tanning is a response of the skin to UV-A radiations.Lighter the complection more it gets tanned.It is a result of incresed production of melanin (skin pigment) producing cells as well as increased activity of the already existing ones.
Sunburn on the other hand is response of the skin to UV-B radiations.The exposed area becomes red and painful and may develop peeling and pigmentation by the next day.Sunburns can be prevented by using a good sunscreen.
Aging-Yes sunlight can make you grow older!It is because of the degenative changes skin develops wrinkles and irregular pigmentation.
UV Rays can damage the DNA of skin cells to induce cancers.
How should we protect our skin?
We can protect the skin by using sunscreens.Sunscreens are of two types:
CHEMICAL SUNSCREENS:Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing the harmful rays of sun but allow tanning to occur.The efficacy of a suncreen is conveyed by its SPF value.SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor.It is defined as the ratio of the dose of UVB radiation that will produce minimal erthyma(redness) on protected skin to the dose required for the same on unprotected skin.Para amino benzoic acid,benzophenones and cinnamates are found in chemical sunscreens.
PHYSICAL SUNSCREENS:these are thick lotions or creams that may be cosmetically disagreeable.They are different from chemical sunscreens because they protect from both sunburn as well as tanning.Zinc oxide,titanium oxide are found in physical sunscreens.

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I always want to look my best when i step out of the house so i apply some make-up.I make sure to use a good sun screen,lip gloss and eye liner.More important than that i remember to remove my make-up when i return from work.I cleanse my face gently with cleansing milk so that the make up on my face does not clogg the pores of my face.I also wash my face regularly every night before going off to sleep.A choice of good face wash is very essential.
I used to see my friends spend so much money on cosmetics that i was realllllly surprised!!!.I think it is always good to eat healthy to look good and of course be happy.No one can beat that smile of yours.So the bottom line is eat healthy and if you use make-up make sure you remove it too at the end of the day.
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