Skin Care and Beauty Routines

Good skin care and beauty are easier to achieve than you might imagine. And since we only get one face per lifetime, it's much better to invest in skin care now rather than a facelift down the road.

When choosing a skin care program, better you use all of the steps from the same brand because they are formulated to work together. Don't use a different set. Also, be sure to use ALL the steps in a skin care set. Its can make a better result for you.

Wash your face thoroughly before applying makeup.

When applying your facial skin care cleanser, use light strokes so as not to tug on your skin. Use your third finger around the deliate eye area. It's your weakest finger and will do the least amount of damage. Toner and moisturizer round out the facial and now you're ready for foundation and color cosmetics. Mask should not be applied too close to the mouth or the eye area.

True beauty comes from within, and makeup and cosmetics simply enhance that. If your skin care and beauty routine doesn't involve a lot of makeup, don't worry. A few shades of neutral or sheer cosmetics will give you that special glow and look of natural beauty.

Self Esteem for Women

"Would you consider yourself someone with high self esteem, or low self esteem?" The natural reaction when asked a question like this may well be "high self esteem of course!", but the truth may paint a very different picture.

Self esteem for women, especially, seems to be generally lower than it should be, and unfortunately far too often accompanied by poor body image. Why then are so many women subject to this deprecating state of mind? Perhaps it comes back to the natural laws of femininity. You see, a woman in her natural, feminine state has an in-built desire to radiate beauty. It's the very reason that we women wear make-up, shave our legs, wax our eyebrows, love to shop, etc.

If that desire for beauty extended to finding that which we already have, it would be an absolute blessing. Unfortunately however, the unhealthy side of that desire for beauty, is in seeking it externally and creating unhealthy comparisons to others.

This damaging act of comparison is concerning enough in its own right, but consider who we are really comparing ourselves against. Whether consciously or not, we are most certainly using the media images that we're constantly bombarded with as a benchmark for what is the 'right' size, body shape or look.

The problem with that is this; the women in the media - actresses, singers, models, etc - are in front of the camera for a living! Their livelihood revolves around how good they look with their faces and bodies featured up close and personal on giant screens around the world. I'm certain just about anyone in the same position would make it an absolute priority to ensure there isn't a scrap of fat to be seen, or a single hair out of place. They have the money, the resources and, most importantly, extreme motivation to ensure that this standard is always maintained - and all too often at the cost of their health.

The other problem with using the media as a benchmark can be found in the simple act of picking up a magazine. It only takes a quick flip through the pages of any women's fashion magazine to make even a woman with great self esteem feel like a fat pig! Between the scarily thin catwalk models, and the lighting, make up, good photography, and of course airbrushing and photoshop techniques, the end result is that we find ourselves envying a picture of a woman who isn't even real.

In fact, for a wonderful example of what's involved in creating the finished look of a model in a print advertisement, I highly encourage you to watch the video that Dove put together as part of their Campaign for Real Beauty.

Naturally none of this is to say that we shouldn't care about our appearance, or enjoy making ourselves look and feel beautiful, but simply that if we must peg ourselves against a benchmark, perhaps we should consider someone more realistic.

It's so important to keep ourselves healthy from the inside out, and that includes our mind... Don't let these unrealistic images of beauty fool you into thinking you're not good enough the way you are.

My tip for this is to make a list of everything you like about yourself from the inside out. In fact, one exercise I did was to go through my body parts one by one and write down why I loved them. I can assure you that when I got to my thighs, I found it a little challenging, but I managed to come up with how much I love that they are strong and carry me wherever I want to go!

Don't let the negative thoughts creep in, they are like a cancer for your mind... find reasons to love everything about who you are, in all your fabulous individuality!

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Katrina Wilton is Co-Founder of Created with her sister Sabrina Holmes, Glow is about empowering women to love who they are. | Self Esteem for Women | Dare to be Fabulous!

How to get rid of dead cells from your skin?

Dead cells....ohh yes they make the skin look dead no doubt about it.Dead cells are actually the cells that have been replaced my new ones but are still lying there on your skin....difficult to remove with your face wash ofcourse.....making skin look dull and lustreless!!

No is the solution.Take a small piece of ripe Papaya(make sure u remove the outer peel and the seeds)now apply the pulp on your face and neck.Leave it on your face for about 15 minutes and then wash off with water.Papaya has got a natural protein dissolving enzyme papain that will digest or loosen up the dead cells from your face.

Do leave a comment about how you felt about your skin on trying this small and simple remedy.(do not use it if you have active pimples or any other inflammatory lesions on your face)

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The Right Beauty Supplies Will Make You Look Great!

Use beauty supplies the right way and yours could well be the face that launched a thousand ships! Growing old may be mandatory, but looking it certainly isn’t. It’s just that one has to do it right. But that’s exactly what’s difficult. The mind boggles with the onslaught of unending types of beauty supplies, countless makeup and enticing brands. Am I using the right beauty supplies? Am I doing it correctly? What about side effects? Thankfully, makeup tips are not very difficult to find.

Trust the beauty supply expert.

Generally, you can always trust a beauty supply expert. And thankfully, one is almost always available without much trouble. The media abounds with beauty supply tips. And then there are brands that you can trust your skin with. Or use exotic mineral beauty supplies that are a great alternative to chemical beauty supplies. They use natural ingredients and causes less damage to the skin. Over a period of time, the presence of wrinkled skin could make that vital difference between skin that used regular beauty supplies and skin that used natural beauty supplies.

Beauty supplies today not only means enhancing beauty that is skin-deep, it also means preservation of skin nutrition. After all, our skin is the largest organ of our body and needs adequate nutrition like any other organ. Consistent, healthy skin care is the best way to avoid wrinkles, sunspots and premature aging. It will pay off in the end. We spend our hard-earned cash on beauty and skincare. Lets make sure that its main beneficiary is our skin, not skin care product manufacturers.

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Mike Yeager

Beauty Tips, Skin Care Tips, Make Up Application & More For Women & Teens

Women everywhere are obsessing about skin care, beauty care, weightloss, hair care secrets, workout routines and more.

Women of all ages desire to look their best at all times and are constantly looking for quick easy simple beauty tips, styles, or makeup tips and fitness plans to get them great results!

Home remedies and simple, little know techniques is what works best! I mean, who wants to run to the spa or salon all the time? Not only is it expensive, it is inconvenient!

Maybe if we were all Hollywood starlets or actors?

In the meantime, there is hope! At, or we have beauty care tips and health & fitness tips for women of all ages!

The best part is our web tips are from real beautiful people and young/older women who look great-WITHOUT the glitz of Hollywood makeup, special lighting and professional stylists at their every beck and call. That just isn’t real life!

Real life is about many of the hard working beautiful women that make the world go round! These women still make the time to always look great!

Looking your best will instill confidence and make you feel better each and everyday!

People will definitely take notice! Especially men, that is if you want that attention, but who doesn’t like that sort of attention? It is nice to be admired and to look fantastic!

For The BEST Beauty, Make up, Fitness & haircare tips- Check Out The website!,

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Free Beauty Tip of the Month:

If you want the look of fuller lips, mix a few drops of pure mint and peppermint extract in with a small glob of petroleum jelly. Smooth over lips about an hour before getting ready. Wipe off and apply lipstick as usual. Your lips will appear more plump and full.

We have other tips related to eye brow sugaring, skin care, make up application, making your face look slimmer, fitness plans, skin care, taking care of your eye to keep you looking younger, reducing wrinkles and more!

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Marisa Robinson operates, & which is devoted to delivering beauty tips, skincare, fitness, weightloss, haircare tips and more related to keeping women beautiful and looking younger! For women of all ages including teens!

Skincare - A Foundation for Beauty

In my role as a beauty consultant I am constantly surprised by the number of people who, when asked about their skincare routine, simply don't have one!

If more people followed the basic skincare routine I have laid out below, there would be less people who need to seek specialist advice for, for example, a special occasion such as a wedding, party, or even just for day-to-day skincare issues.

I usually like to have an initial consultation with a bride at least six months before her wedding for that very reason - if there are lots of skincare issues to be addressed, it can take some time to achieve the glowing complexion they are looking for. And I also think that the run-up to a wedding (which can be as long as you like!) is a great excuse to pamper yourself!

There is a saying -"It takes 21-30 days to develop a habit". If you set yourself a goal of performing a basic skincare routine for 21-30 days, at the end of that time you will find it has become second nature and will be quite hard to break. I have outlined below a simple routine which, once established, takes only a few minutes each day:


Cleanse, tone and moisturise twice daily, morning and night. You should be doing this already, but if you are not you will see and feel a difference very quickly.

There are also many supplemental products available which you can use for an extra moisture boost if your skin is dry or for spot treatments if the need is there.

If you have dark circles under the eyes, it is worth investing in a good eye cream. Also, drinking more water will help to plump up the skin cells and reduce the darkness under the eyes.


Exfoliate once/twice a week with an exfoliator containing microscopic polishing beads, not crushed kernels or similar as these can scratch the surface of the skin and may cause inflammation/infection in susceptible individuals, e.g. those with sensitive skin.

Apply a face masque once/twice a week (on a different day to exfoliating) with either a hydrating or a deep cleansing masque, depending on your skin type or current needs. I always recommend keeping both kinds of masque so that if your skin feels like it needs a thorough cleanse you can use the deep cleansing, but if it has a day where it feels dry you can use a hydrating masque for an extra moisture boost.


A monthly facial is good but NOT in the week before a wedding or special event. A facial will bring out the impurities in your skin and you don't want to be fighting off spots and blemishes when you have a big occasion coming up! You will probably feel stressed enough in the run-up to the occasion without having spotty skin to deal with as well!


Don't forget your lips - when you brush your teeth, rub your toothbrush (without toothpaste!) GENTLY over your lips to remove any dry/flaky skin, then apply lipsalve or Vaseline.

Once you have established your skincare routine and can see the improvement in your skin, you can start to think about the make-up you want to apply to your newly glowing complexion! I feel another article coming on!

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Mary Pelling works with Artistic Beauty, a team of beauty and make-up consultants dedicated to giving a first class professional service to their clients in the comfort of their own home; specialists in beauty consultations including everyday, special occasion and bridal skincare and make-up. They cover a wide area of South-East England Please contact for more information.

Beauty Routine

1. I never ever ever go to bed with my makeup on, even if I have been out partying and had one too many. If you do, you will wake up the next morning, not only with a possible hangover, but with gunged, screwed up, dirty eyes that need loads of tlc. (tender loving care) So you must develop your own bedtime routine.

2. I try to get a good nights sleep as this, in my opinion, is the best beauty treatment you can have. And it's free. As we go through life this is not always possible with all the stresses and tensions that modern day living has brought to us. But as I said, I try.

3. In the morning I have a cup of tea, if I feel particularly virtuous I'll have a cup of green tea, ugh, and then get up to face the day.

4. Before I have a shower I tie my hair up and clean my teeth while waiting for the water to get hot.

5. After my shower I cleanse my face with one of those new style wipes and they are brilliant.

6. I spritz my face with a water spray then moisturise. I would not miss this for the world because moisturiser holds the water in your skin and helps keep your skin hydrated.

7. Next. Wow but Next. I always, without fail, use a TOTAL sunblock. My daughter says I look too pale but, if you don't want a pale face, the answer is to use either a brown cheek shadow, blusher or an artificial sun colorant.

8. Let the cream dry thoroughly before applying your makeup. This is a pain but necessary or your skin will be too greasy.

Then I have my two minute plan.

9. Take a large soft brush, like a shaving brush, and the dust your face with mineral powder make up. This is the best make up I have ever used for a day time make up. You can add extra if you want a more made up look for evening or if you want to conceal blemishes.

10. Then with a flat eye shadow brush and using a basic beige powder shadow I brush all over my lids, fading it out the closer to the brows I get. I normally accentuate the creases of my eyelids for a slightly more dramatic look with a darker shade.

11. Then a quick lick of mascara (brown) a touch of lip gloss and I'm off. I promise you that this quick beauty routine is all you need to have a beautiful look that will keep in all day and not look overmade up or take forever to apply.

Why waste your valuable time doing all that heavy smuck?

P.S. I only ever buy moisturiser and face creams from the local supermarket, because in my opinion, unless you have a problem skin that may need specialist treatment, the designer products are over priced, often celebrity endorsed and offer little value for money.

Copyright 2006 Jaks Lloyd

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Jaks Lloyd, former photographic fashion model, is the author of the above article which appears in her definitive website

The Ultimate Cutting Edge in Eye Beauty.

Skin Care and Beauty Routines - How Does Yours Rate?

Good skin care and beauty are easier to achieve than you might imagine. And since we only get one face per lifetime, it's much better (and cheaper) to invest in good skin care now rather than a facelift down the road.

When choosing a skin care regimen, it is important to use all of the steps from the same brand because they are formulated to work together. Don't use a piece of this set and a piece of that set. Also, be sure to use ALL the steps in a skin care set. You wouldn't bake a cake and leave out the flour, would you?

Wash your face thoroughly before applying makeup and glamour cosmetics. Give yourself a nice facial. An artist wouldn't paint a masterpiece on a stained or dingy canvas, right?

When applying your facial skin care cleanser, use light strokes so as not to tug on your skin. Use your ring (third) finger around the deliate eye area. It's your weakest finger and will do the least amount of damage. Mask should not be applied too close to the mouth or the eye area. Toner and moisturizer round out the facial and now you're ready for foundation and color cosmetics.

True beauty comes from within, and makeup and cosmetics simply enhance that. If your skin care and beauty routine doesn't involve a lot of glamour makeup, don't worry. A few shades of neutral or sheer cosmetics will give you that special glow and look of natural beauty. Pay attention to your manicure and pedicure as well.

For goodness sakes, don't fall asleep with makeup or cosmetics on. It's estimated that for every night you do, your skin ages by 12 days! Give yourself a quick facial before you hit the sheets. It's called skin CARE for a reason.

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Katrina Price offers her insights into the world of skin care and beauty. You can read more by visiting

Bar Cabinets: Style, Class, and Beauty

Cabinets add a special feel to almost any room. Depending on the cabinet, you can get functionality or beauty; those lucky few get a beautiful mixture of both. Not all cabinets are created equally as anyone who has browsed for a cabinet or two can tell you. Choosing the right cabinet for your needs is often filled with lots of potholes and bumps. Having the knowledge to find that perfect cabinet is not easily taught; it is not easily learned. A lot of cabinet chooses are purely a matter of choice.

Some bar cabinets are simplistic type cabinets that can be used for any other purpose. For instance, a normal cabinet for us in another part of your home may be converted to a bar cabinet. However, there are some exquisite bar cabinets that demand our attention. These specialty cabinets were created for that special area in our home that we call a home bar.

One type of popular bar cabinet actually has a small refrigerating unit in the cabinet. This is great for storing things that need cooled such as whipping cream, cherries, and other such frills. There are some bar cabinets that have special compartments that hold wine and keep it chilled at the proper angel as to not disturb the sediment.

Of course, bar cabinets that store and protect wine bottles do not necessarily have to be cooled. There are numerous popular models of wine cabinets that are not cooled; some people believe a wine should not be stored in a cooling device - they believe it ruins the aging process. Therefore, you can get both a dry wine cabinet and a cool wine cabinet. Sometimes, it may prove better to have both. You can remove the wine from the dry cabinet a few hours before you need to serve it and place it in the cooler for cooling.

The designs of these are extravagant and numerous. Sometimes, they hold only wine glasses or mugs; sometimes they only hold wine; sometimes they hold a combination. I prefer bar cabinets that have those holders so those wine glasses can be stored upside down, suspended from the top of the cabinet; then in the compartment there is space for wine to be stored. On top of the cabinet, my ideal bar cabinets would have a shelf used for storing my specialty liquor bottles and shot glasses. The top would have space for mixing drinks. Of course, the whole think would be decorative and beautiful. I like ivy embellishments.

Bar cabinets tend to be pricey the more you expect of your cabinet; the type of material used is also reflected in the price. However, a good bar cabinet will last a lifetime of use and create memories that will last generations. Therefore, when choosing a cabinet for a potential bar, ask yourself this: can you not afford to get the best bar cabinet on the market today? Once you contemplate this question, then you are ready to go shopping.

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Delbert Parkison has been a co-author of many cabinet making books such as “Cabinet Making Magic”. For more than 14 years, he had taught workshop classes at his local community high school. At, Delbert will take you through a step by step guide on how to make an ideal, space saving, and inexpensive cabinet that is right for your home.

Mud Mask magic for oily skin

Mud mask is an effective way to get rid of excess oil from your skin.Mud has a unique property to absorb any liquid that comes in its contact.This is the main principle of these masks.

Most popular are multani mitti or chandan masks.Take the powder and make it into a fine paste.Apply it over your skin preventing the eye and mouth areas.Now let it dry.Once dried you will feel a tightening effect on your skin.Now notice the dried mask in the mirror.You will see some rounded spots that look like wet mud on the nose area and around it.It is actually the oil from your skin that has come out with capillary action and is absorbed in the mud mask.

Wash off with water.You will notice that the pores of your face have become a bit smaller.With repeated use it will loosen out the dirt in the pores.Use the mask once or twice a week.

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