Oscar Celebrity Fashion Secrets

As always, the celebrities that grace us with their presence, their celebrity beauty glowing and sense of style were witnessed last night on the red carpet at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. And what a night it was! With the style, sense of celebration and glamour of the stars on the red carpet for another night in yet another year of the Academy Awards. Elegance and sparkling gowns shimmered against the jewellery and beauty of the celebrities. Celebrity beauty secrets to share? Dieting, working out with a trainer, healthy eating, facials, botox, thermage, moisturizing, professional makeup applications and the fabulous gowns by this and that designer and, of course, the you gotta have the bling to match!

Here, our guest writer Laura L’adore spreads her wisdom of the night.

Well, the 2009 OSCARs hosted by the sublimely handsome and oh..so old Hollywood hunkamanliness Hugh Jackman was WONDERFUL!!

Loved the skits, loved the dance numbers, opening ( very SPIKE JONES MEETS WES ANDERSON)and that the MUSICAL it was campy, brilliant fun!!

Also, loved the idea of bringing out past recipients to pay homage to 2009 nominees............

Though Sophia Loren scared my cat, myself and well, let's just say that my father's 50 year long drooling over her ........is..well, so over her.........shiver...........

Sophia - Step away from the olive oil and no, one does not need to brush it on one's whole body and then lie in some villa in Capri dahhhhhhhhhhhhling....... soaking up sun for months !!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, ok, I know, Laura, back to the gowns!!

Angelina Jolie – though your predilection for black gets a wee bit predictable, I must agree – very Madam X – John Singer.

What saved it? The emeralds, darling, the emeralds, (ring and earrings…) Fedex those to me ASAP!!!

Sarah Jessica Parker – “It is Dior Couture!!” She kept bragging at every red carpet interviewer… yeah, well, it overwhelms you sweetheart, and, frankly, when did you become cross-eyed and overly botoxed? And note to both of us… When one has a big nose (admit it, you think mine is big too… You just overlook it because that Laura is so funny!!) One should never, even have your hairline going straight down the middle of your hair/head!!!! Sheesh!!

Penelope Cruz – enough with the updo at Awards shows – so very sexy… Prom…. Do not like…. I worship at the altar of your sexy hair…. Work it… use it… embrace it… The dress, vintage Balmain, ok, the workmanship detail – exquis!!! Oui! Oui! Exquis… The overall look Chateau Laurier – 1940’s drapes. Did the dress reek of cigar and Canadian Club? See? That should have been a hint… not to wear that dress!!! Dress also overwhelmed you…

Heidi Klum – you have got to be kidding me!! Love Red, but non! Non!!, Non!! Trop, C’est trop!! But yes, hand over all those bracelets!! And the rings…. Yes, oh… Lovely!

Kate Winslet – dress was lovely, very elegant… Hair though lovely too was so very shellacked!! And can we please stop complimenting every blond actress who when dressed right looks so very Grace Kelly? There is only one Grace Kelly – She was the Stunner of Stunners. She is dead… Rest in peace.
Jessica Beil – You are a nobody, boring actress, but you are gorgeous, last night was either a wow… or you glue gunned/stapled a Wabaso 5000 thread count saint origami folded sheet to your dress…. So, did you? Or was that Timberlake’s idea for, you know… Post-Oscar frolicking of the X-Rated kind? Again, no biggie, you are Gorgeous!!

Tilda Swinton – your cheekbones could cut glass, your eyes are piercing, you are risky, more avant-garde than Bauhaus and I do find you rather oddly attractive in that Teutonic Ice fairy type (think Greta Garbo – aha… see) of manner… So I did love the gauzy blouse with black skirt combo because it works only on you…..

Miley Cyrus – what are you doing at the ….? Never mind!!! Ok, ok, this one was… difficult… The dress I was frankly, in love with it… (Vivien Leigh – Gone with the Wind) But then… pan to the belt… oh… God… oh God… the elastic waist… the gaudy metal butterfly painted with cheap enamel that I used to witness too many times cinched around Ginettes of all ages during my teenage years at the Pointe Gatineau malls…. Oh… The Horror!!! The Horror!!!
Marisa Tomei - WOW..WOW...WOW...WOW...... That is an Oscar dress if I ever saw one…. Argh!… If only I was a size 0!!!

Frieda Pinto – loved the cobalt blue… But no sorry, you are one of the most, if not the most stunning of Indian women yet to be witnessed on the silver screen… this was not the best choice of dress… I know, it IS Galliano… but something was just off for me… Ah! Yes, the hair… It was rather Elvis… Y!! Then again, as I stated earlier, you are gorgeous… you would look good in EDDIE BAUER!!

Photos courtesy of Newsworld

Celebrity Diet Secrets

In the last few years, many celebrities have been endorsing liquid diets. The majority of Hollywood stars claim that by adhering to these liquids diets they have been able to lose and maintain the weight loss, you may be led to believe this is the latest celebrity diet secret. Most people want to lose weight quick and fast and now they are wondering if this liquid diet really works. One of the favorite celebrity liquid diets on the market is the Hoodia diet.

The celebrity Hoodia diet is almost 50 percent fruit juice and 50 percent Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia is an extract of a plant in Africa. It is claimed that this liquid diet contains fewer carbohydrates and less calories than any other liquid diet around.

Hoodia has gained a lot of popularity in North America in recent years. Every one has a fancy story to tell about this plant from South Africa. Some claim that the natives of the Kalahari Desert who often go on hunting expeditions eat Hoodia so that they do not feel hungry. Others claim that by eating Hoodia these natives do not appear too appetizing to the lions that prefer plump tourists.

But does Hoodia work?

Well from what Hollywood celebrities say, it does work by decreasing appetite. Some claim that they rapidly lose weight in just a matter of a few days. The food experts claim that the weight loss seen in the first 2 days is simply water and this is not the correct way to lose weight.

Celebrities in Hollywood continue to use this diet for fast weight loss and heavily market it. They encourage people who want to lose weight to drink 12 ounces of the celebrity Hoodia liquid for 2 days. This should be accompanied by drinking lots of water. No food, alcohol or any other beverage is allowed. And to maintain the weight loss, only one glass per day is recommended. This is not the healthiest diet. It is more like starvation.

Unfortunately, there is very little data on this diet- except for celebrity claims about this quick weight loss method. All the reports are anecdotal. Celebrities in Hollywood do warn that not everyone can succeed with this diet.

By the way, if one fails to lose weight, then one can try the Lemon Juice Diet or any other fruit juice diet, easily found on the internet.

There are several negative reports and testimonials on cyberspace about this celebrity liquid diet- chiefly that the liquid diet is not sustainable and is the next thing to complete starvation.

Well it is hard to recommend this Hollywood celebrity diet secret. Most food experts recommend against using only a plant extract to lose weight. This diet is not nutritionally adequate nor is it sustainable. By the way, a bottle of this Hoodia will cost you $40 plus shipping. And there are no refunds.

All in all, this celebrity diet secret sounds a little like hogwash. For those who want to lose weight, avoid anything with the word celebrity in it. Weight is best done by eating less, eating balanced low fat meals and exercising more. This is cheaper, safer and produces results, perhaps a little more slowly but you are losing fat and not just water.

Isla Fisher not America’s new sweetheart just yet

Isla Fisher not america’s new sweetheart just yet

Judging from this weekend’s box office receipts, it seems like Isla Fisher’s coming out party as the new Renee Zellweger/ Sandra Bullock/ Katherine Heigl/ Reese Witherspoon did not go as well as her movie studio had hoped. Her film, “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” came in a dismal fourth, banking only $15,406,000. It’s not that audiences only had death on their minds (yes “Friday the 13th” came in first but the other big rom-com, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” came in second).

So, what gives? Was America just not feeling like paying money to watch someone spend money? Or are they just not into red heads?

Isla Fisher, if you’re reading this, take care — after all, not everyone can be another Paul Blart, mall cop.


Actress Isla Fisher is terrified of awards ceremonies, after flashing her backside the very first time she stepped out on the red carpet.

The Wedding Crashers star was thrilled to land an invitation to the 2007 Golden Globe Awards and turned up at the Hollywood bash wearing a brand new sheer-cut frock.
But the Aussie star's night quickly went downhill.

Isla Fisher explains, "I was so pleased with myself as I walked down the red carpet, and all cocky as I posed over my shoulder.

"As I got to the end, I realised the dress was torn up the back and my right cheek was totally exposed.

"They reported it as Isla Flasher. My friends started calling me that too."

Celebrity Beauty Secrets News

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Oprah and Thermage

Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Oprah and Thermage
How to Look Younger with a Procedure Called Thermage

Recently Oprah the queen of the popular television and marketing world had a whole show on cosmesis and anti aging. This series was one of the most viewed last year. The treatment that was most commonly associated with celebrities was Thermage. While no one actually came out and said it outright, there were a lot of hints that this treatment is the Holy Grail when it comes to the erasement of wrinkles and fine lines. Another celebrity beauty secret for anti-aging. Celebrities love it. So what is Thermage and how does it work?

Thermage is an FDA approved cosmetic procedure which can be used to tighten the skin, erase wrinkles and reduce signs of aging. It is often known as the “non surgical” face lift. Word has it that many celebrities are getting Thermage done because it simply produces results.

Thermage essentially uses a very small device that emits radiofrequency waves; the waves penetrate the skin and induce remodeling of the deeper layers. The collagen starts to tighten, the elastin regains its tone- this results in a skin which looks young, firm, rejuvenated and beautiful. There is little downtime after the procedure.

The reason Thermage is widely advocated is because it is fast, has little downtime, has minimal side effects and produces a desirable aesthetic result. Individuals who have had Thermage claim that the treatment has almost no side effects, except for mild redness and bruising. The treatment is relatively painless, there are no needles and the procedure takes less than 45 minutes to complete.

The results of Thermage are not immediate; most people begin to see improvements in their skin in a few weeks but the peak benefit occur around 8 -12 weeks. Thermage is not a permanent cure for the aged skin but physicians who perform it claim that the results may last a year or more. Most people will require touch ups to maintain the cosmetic benefit.

One of the biggest advantages for this non surgical face lift is the cost. It is very affordable. The average cost of Thermage ranges from $800-$1,500. Compared to the traditional surgical face lift which costs anywhere from $15,000-$20,000, Thermage is considered a bargain.

Unfortunately Thermage is not covered by any medical insurance plan as it is considered to be a cosmetic procedure. In the end, it all comes to money. Holly celebrities have the cash. For us, the mere mortals in the universe, it is a question of paying the rent or looking beautiful. Of course, if you can afford it, this celebrity beauty secret is one well worth investigating.

Hairstyles of Jennifer Aniston

Celebrity Beauty Secrets:  Jennifer AnistonOne of the most well kept secrets among all of celebrity beauty secrets is how to achieve the different hairstyles of Jennifer Aniston. The hysteria about her different hairstyles is yet to die down. In fact she has become synonymous with hairstyles these days. Whether it is the styling or the hair color that she uses, she continues to rule when it comes to setting hairstyle trends around the world.

If you are someone who counts yourself among the millions of women worldwide who are headed to salons with Jennifer Aniston’s picture in hand, then there is some good news waiting for you. Almost any of you can get a hairstyle like that of Jennifer Aniston, provided you are willing to put in a little bit of effort.

The first aspect that you need to look at is the hair color. Jennifer Aniston originally had brunette hair which she later on changed with golden highlights. Her just-off-the beach look soon took off and became a rage in next to no time. If you are someone whose natural hair color is anywhere near being blond, then you too can have beach blond streaks. Just in case you have darker hair, you will need to first of all lighten the base to shade of golden brown and then go in for the golden highlights.

Contrary to popular perception it does not take a huge amount of time for attempting a makeover, particularly when it comes to hairstyling. You just need to make sure that you have a styling iron and a blow drier ready with you. You should also take care to use a good conditioner, shampoo and hairstyling gel.

You will first of all need to wash your hair with the shampoo and towel - dry your hair well. You can then apply the conditioner and leave it for some time, since this will help in straightening the hair, along with making them soft. You can then styling iron to gently straighten your hair. Alternately you can use the blow drier along with a rounded comb to create curls too. Jennifer Aniston is fortunate to have naturally curly hair that helps her change hairstyles with ease including the famous one with loose waves.

So, the next time around, whatever may be the occasion, whether it is a high school prom or a wedding, you can be the central attraction of all eyes in the room with a Jennifer Aniston hairstyle. You will just need to use your imagination and put in a bit of effort to create one. Remember celebrity beauty is something that almost anyone can aim for and achieve.