Celebrity fashion secrets

They can buy and borrow from the most exclusive labels and the most expensive designer names, and are given more clothes than they know what to do with - but which fashion items do celebrities really love? From the perfect pair of jeans to the hottest bikini and the most popular flip-flops in Hollywood, the A-list reveal their summer wardrobe essentials. By Charlotte Sanders


Proof that celebrity jewellery is not always about the bling, the actresses Jessica Biel, Mandy Moore and Marcia Cross have been spotted sporting colourful beads from Relief Beads - a grassroots campaign selling handmade African bracelets to raise awareness and money for Relief International's humanitarian efforts in Darfur. Relief Beads bracelet £5 (www.reliefbeads.org)

Kate Moss's sunglasses


The retro Ray-Ban Wayfarer was given a new lease of life last year thanks to the likes of Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst, who made vintage pairs an essential part of any hipster wardrobe, and prompted the company to re-release the style. Their appeal is spreading: Kate Moss, Naomi Watts and Sarah Harding have all been spotted sporting a pair - in pristine white - this spring. Ray-Ban Wayfarers in white £120 (www.ray-ban.com)


So many It-Bags, so little time. no wonder celebrities are seldom seen with the same bag twice. But Anya Hindmarch's Cooper Bag breaks the rules; Naomi Watts has rarely been seen recently without the roomy, pale-leather tote on her arm. Anya Hindmarch Cooper Bag £675 (anyahindmarch.com)


The stranglehold of skinny jeans over stylish legs finally looks set to break this summer as trendsetters turn to a new shape: 'I like a high waist with a wide leg,' says the actress Chloë Sevigny. 'J Brand makes great jeans without too much embellishment.' Cameron Diaz and Penélope Cruz too are turning J Brand's Doll jeans into the hottest style of the summer. J Brand Doll jeans £155, from trilogystores.co.uk


Every girl needs a great summer dress. and, as Christina Ricci is no stranger to high fashion, it's no wonder her must-have frock of the season nails the summer's biggest trend, flowery prints: 'My favourite item for spring is this minidress by Etro. I love the floral print.' Etro dress £1,080 (020 7495 5767)


When Liv Tyler, Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Huppert want the highest quality cashmere, they seek out the Italian label Malo, which does beautiful cashmere pieces in simple, elegant styles as well as cool, crisp tailoring and dresses. www.malo.it


Known for her flawless, understated chic, Angelina Jolie likes the classic items that fill her wardrobe to be special. The impeccable bespoke black trench she often wears comes from the Italian label Loro Piana. Loro Piana trench coat from £885 (020 7499 9300; loropiana.com)


For chic, guilt-free footwear, no one does it better than Stella McCartney. ' I love Stella McCartney's braided t-bar sandals,' the model Laura Bailey explains. 'As a vegetarian I love that they're leather-free. Style-wise, I think they're glam but low-key and beachy enough to wear every day on holiday.' Stella McCartney crochet sandal wedges £575 (stellamccartney.com)


For red-carpet moments she favours Rodarte or Lanvin, but off-duty Natalie Portman prefers a low-key style. 'Sneakers are my mainstay,' the star has said. Like Scarlett Johansson and Gemma Ward, she relies on classic Chuck Taylors and jeans when out and about in New York. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star £34.99, from office.co.uk


Both the Olsen moppets - to say nothing of Nicole Richie and the Hiltons - are devoted to American Apparel's affordable, colourful cotton pieces, but Mary-Kate sports its sweat-shop-free Ts most frequently, whether about town over leggings or paired with a floor-sweeping Azzedine Alaïa skirt for the red carpet. American Apparel unisex deep V-neck T-shirt £12 (americanapparel.net)

Kate Moss for Topshop

Fashion's 'Special K' factor has struck again, writes Hilary Alexander

Kate Moss' latest collection went on sale in Topshop's Oxford Circus flagship in London this morning and caused a shopping frenzy.

Kate Moss wearing one of her coveted Topshop designs
Kate Moss wearing one of her coveted Topshop designs

The sexiness of this high summer collection, combined with a return of high temperatures, ensured the clothes sold like hot cakes - especially the dresses.

Two hundred of the coveted red pansy dresses, for example, were sold in the first hour and a half.

Other favourites included a striped 50's style 'prom' frock and a Rajasthani-style printed cotton halter-neck.

A spokesman said more than 2.5million page views were expected on the topshop website - the only other place where this Kate Moss collection can be bought apart from Oxford Circus.

The launch of the supermodel's latest collection has added yet more lustre to the crown of Topshop which will open its first New York store in October.

Retail tycoon Sir Philip Green, who owns Topshop - part of the Arcadia Group - has called in the major American PR, production and events company, KCD, to handle the opening.

And Kate Moss herself has said she will attend.

Tips and Tricks to look ten years younger without plastic surgery

Appearances can be deceptive....hmm turn it around to mean you can make your appearance seem younger without the need for any plastic surgery or expensive chemical treatments.Read on..
1.If you keep your hair short they look more heavy.This should work specially if your hair have thinned out and you still have them long like you used to have them ten years back.

2.For fine lines on your skin the immediate help is to use a concealer of one tone lighter than your skin and blend it in using a foundation.However a long term solution would be to get a regular facial done.A good facial help to prevent sagging of your face and will actually lift your face to some extent.

3.Dress in a darker color if you want to hide bulges on your body.But some dresses can actually make your curves prominent for example slacks! a big no no if you are plus size.

4.A lot of women have a problem of weight gain after they have lost it.You can maintain your figure if you simply sit erect and keep your abdomen and back aligned.This will allow your abdominal muscles to push back your internal organs and prevent a bulging belly.

5.If you are short in height and have put on weight you should add height to your appearance by wearing heels.But do not try this if you suffer from arthritis.

6.Beware of overdone make-up.Too much of make up to hide your facial flaws ends up making your face look like a mask....eeh phony!

7.This last tip is for ladies who have some fat around the face making it look chubby.To give better definition to your chin and jawline use Yoga neck exercises.Ask a yoga practitioner to teach you these exercises.By defining your jaw you will have a slimmer appearance.Slim face people definitely appear slimmer no matter what !

How to keep your lips red and soft?

Lips have very delicate skin and need to maintained for a beautiful smile.If your lips are dark,cracked or dry it time to give 5 minutes to your lips.

Here are some useful tips for maintaining the beauty of your lips:

1.Quit smoking !! Yes you heard me right.Smoking darken your lips.

2.If you use lipstick regularly make sure you bye a good brand.Just like your eyes your lips have very delicate skin and lipsticks are ofcource chemicals.Make sure you cleanse your lips with a cream based moisturiser every night before sleep.

3.Too hot liquids like tea,coffee,cocoa also darken your lips.Just like teeth lips are also sensitive to temperature

4.Make sure you keep your lips clean....don't forget to wipe then after eating!

5.Keep your lips well moisturised using a chap stick specially in winters.

If you already have dark lips you can try this simple to use remedy:

Take a small amount of milk cream and add lemon juice to it.Massage your lips with it for 5-10 minutes and wash it with water.It will remove darkness and make them red,soft and moist.

Celebrity Body Secrets ???

What are the best Celebrity Body Secrets?

Do you have a personal trainer, personal chef and a nutritionist in your Rolodex, like CarmenCarmen Electra Electra? How about an airbrush tanning artist? Not many of us do. But, fear not. The Celebrity Body section of CBSG will assist you in filling these "voids" in your life. Here you will learn the latest and greatest when it comes to fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and self tanning. These secrets will enable you to build the body of your dreams in the quickest time possible.

Here you will find tons of tips, tricks, products, and techniques used by celebrity fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and beauty experts to give you a beach ready body with confidence to spare. We will not only give you the information you need but the motivation as well, to "physically self-actualize".

Not only will these secrets help you look good, but they will ensure that you are healthy, vibrant, energetic, and full of life! Here are some fabulous Celebrity Body Secrets. There are plenty more to be found in the many fabulous celebrity body secret articles listed below them.

Kelly Clarkson's Sweet Marathon

Kelly Clarkson

Celebrity Body Secret: After becoming the first American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, lost about twenty pounds by running on a treadmill for an hour and a half a day and by eating frozen grapes when she was in the mood for a sweet snack.

Britney's Cheetos for Chicken Swap Britney Spears

Celebrity Body Secret: Britney Spears packed on 50 pounds during her pregnancy. After the baby was born she lost that weight by trading in her Cheetos for chicken and veggies. She also added swimming to her 90 minute workouts. She also does yoga, Pilates and weight training.

Kirstie's Jenny Craig Slimdown

Kirstie  Alley Celebrity Body Secret: After her days on Cheers, Kirstie Alley began to explore the gourmet food world. Her weight kept creeping up until finally she was so big that she couldn’t get many roles. So she decided to pilot a show which parodied her struggles as a plus-sized actress in Hollywood. The hit television show was called Fat Actress and aired in 2005 on Showtime. When Kirstie saw herself at 219 pounds on screen she had an epiphany. She realized she wanted to lose weight and get healthy. She lost 50 pounds in 10 months on Jenny Craig. She also works out at home and dances whenever she can. Kirstie wants to get back to her “Cheers” era weight of 136 pounds and feels confident that this new healthy lifestyle will get her there.

Oprah's Fridge Lockdown Oprah

Celebrity Body Secret: In 1998 Oprah Winfrey weighed 237 pounds. When her heart started palpitating rapidly, her doctor ordered her to lose weight. This scary episode was a revelation for Oprah. She eliminated refined carbs, and began a weight training and cardio program with the help of celebrity personal trainer Bob Green. Oprah began to run for 5 miles a day. She also reports that her kitchen closes at 7:30 PM sharp! Oprah lost 87 pounds and has reached her ideal weight of 150 pounds!

10 Step Night Routine For Clear & Flawless Skin

Throughout the day your skin attracts enough dirt to deserve some cleansing at night before going to sleep. Night is the best time to cleanse the pores because next 8 hours of sleep will allow your skin to restore to its normal texture and prepare it to face next day's dust and grease!

To cleanse your skin :
1.Start by washing your face with soap and cold water.Cold water improves the blood circulation on face by bringing in pure blood to the skin and removing impure blood .If your skin is oily use an oil eliminating soap for better results.

2.Take a piece of ripe papaya and rub it lightly over face and neck.Papaya has natural enzyme called papain that helps to loosen up the dead cells from your skin.So it is the best exfoliating agent that one can use regularly.Leave the papaya pulp on your face for 10 minutes and wash it with water.

3.Cleanse your skin using a cream based cleanser if your skin is normal/dry.Do not use it if your skin is oily.Instead you can use an oil eliminating cleanser .Best one available in market is Neutrogena.

4.After Cleansing use a toner to close the pores that we opened during cleansing.If you are afraid of using too many chemicals on your face try using an ice cube on your skin.It works like a toner and closed your skin pores.

5.Now apply a night cream/moisturiser on your face and neck using 'Facial strokes'.....if you don't know what this means ....give me some time...i will soon write a whole article on it.For now just apply it as you do daily.

6.If you use computer for long hours during the day.This is specially for you.With finger tips massage circularly around your eyes using olive oil.This will help curing dark circles and improve your sleep too.

7.Apply some Vaseline or moisturiser on your lips and hands too.

8.Cleanse your elbows and knees using a scrub(facial scrub).This is the part that attracts most of the dust during the day .

9.If you wear sandals during the day apply some Vaseline on the back of your heels to prevent them from drying/cracking.

10.Now take 2 minutes for your hair.Use your comb to remove any knots in hair.Using comb run it on your scalp gently so that it touches your scalp all the way down till the neck while you are combing.Now you will ask how is it different from combing.This method helps to improve the blood circulation on your scalp and will help in boosting hair growth in the follicle.
****Good night!*****

Therapy for lifeless,thin and falling hair

Falling and lifeless thin hair...common hair problems that can be prevented and treated.No!...i am not talking about the latest shampoo with conditioner in market.

Use oil to massage your scalp with your finger tips for 15-20 minutes twice a week.
1.Massage improves blood circulation and helps to enhance growth in the hair follicles.
2.It will make your hair stronger and prevent breakage
3.Oil is a natural conditioner .If used 1 hour before a hair wash it will make your hair soft and shiny after hair wash.

After you wash your hair wrap a towel dipped in warm water on your hair.It will help to restore the moisture in your hair by its steaming effect.

If falling hair or dandruff is your main concern then take lemon juice in a bowl and massage your scalp with it before hair wash.It can cause some tingling sensation but it is normal.

This will make your hair strong,shiny and well hydrated to the tip.

Treatment for Dark Circles

Dark Circles is not just a cosmetic problem.It occurs due to stasis of blood around the eyes being reflected as dark blue/brown.It offen occues due to eye strain, lack of sleep,allergic rhinitis.

1.The most important step is to get a sound sleep of atleast 8 hrs every day.

2.If you are a computer user make sure you take a break in between if you are using computer for long hours.

3.Make sure your are wearing correct power glasses for near/distant vision.This will avoid eye strain.

4.Putting cotton pads soaked in cold water on ur eyes is a good way of refreshing the eyes.

5.Apply cucumber juice on the dark circles for 5 min regularly and wash off with water.

6.Refigerate round slices of cucumber and place them on your closed eyes for the cooling and relaxing effect.

7.Daily massage with oil(olive oil) can help improve the blood circulation around eyes and relieve dark circles.

8.Skn around the eyes is very sensitive.Try to avoid contact with scrubs , chemical peels or packs on the skin around eyes.

However the best is to treat them....for a quick cover up a good make up can help.Watch the tips on this video

How to do a Facial Massage

Glowing skin in 5 minutes!

Try out these very easy to use recipies for glow on skin:

1.Just apply some pure honey..n keep it for 5 min..and wash it off..ur skin will b glowing fresh and smooth.

2.Mix honey with lemon jucie....apply on ur skin for 5 minutes...your skin will be great !

3.Daily cleansing, toning, moisturising and sun protection will also keep your skin soft ,supple and glowing.

4.Drink a lot of water daily.Water is something that keeps your complete system fine and allows proper hydration of cells so that skin does not wrinkle.

5.Maltani mitti with chandan powder face pack/mask helps in controlling pimples and keeps skin clear.

6. Apply an ice cube on face once or twice a day. it acts as a toner of sorts that helps close pores.

7. in case ur open pores secrete oil too then apply pack of multani mitti mixed with curd for drying but if ur not old enough to have wrinkles on ur face avoid drying,remove it before it is dry with gentle scrubbing.