Celebrity Beauty Tips For The After Fifty Set

Celebrity Beauty Secrets - Jane Fonda
If you've been paying attention, you'll have noticed that while there's still the same inclination for younger faces in Hollywood, there is also a new movement a foot that's deals with a celebration of the older actress and model. At the forefront now are actresses like Jane Fonda and Sally Field who are highlighting the fact that over fifty can look good. To that end, there is a new batch of celebrity beauty secrets that are geared to helping the older woman look great in her golden years.


It seems that one of the critical elements that makes up these celebrity beauty secrets has to do with aptitude. Although there is a certain element that states a woman over fifty needs to be more aware of what her makeup can do to hide some of the tell tale signs of aging, most of the experts agree that how an older woman carries herself is almost as important. They say that the best thing a woman over fifty can do for herself is remember that she's still beautiful on the inside and out. When they remember that, their appearance projects an air of confidence that is attractive.

Cleansing Milk
Celebrity Beauty Secrets - Sally Field
One of the other beauty tips and secrets that keeps the older Hollywood legends looking great has to do with looking their skin. Remember that as you grow older your skin tends to get dry and that's something you need to watch out for if you want to maintain a youthful appearance. Again, celebrity's beauty secrets suggest that you don’t use soap on your face at this age. They feel that good cleansing milk will do a better job and they also stress that you don’t wash with either very hot or very cold water. Some of the celebrity antiaging beauty tips and secrets that are practiced by these older celebrities have a strong emphasis on common sense.


For skin care tips: It's important to wash with tap water as well and Vaseline can be rubbed into the skin at bath time to combat the wrinkles that are often associated with aging. Watch out for extremely hot or cold weather and use a mixture of egg yolk and almond oil here to combat the ravages that this weather can bring on. To keep your skin looking good for as long as possible, it's suggested that you do this two to three times a week.

These are just two of the inexpensive celebrity beauty secrets you can use yourself to develop your own style of beauty without an large cash payout for your beauty routine.

Digital Retouching

This is another video done by Dove and its campaign on beauty awareness. The very short video conveys a big message. “Beauty has been greatly been distorted by the media”. The media has constructed their own definition of what a woman should be. Since the media is so powerful over many especially young women it creates a goal that is unattainable. Many young girls watch the media for advice. Advice on fashion, make up, boys, sex, and the list can go on. Instead of trusting their parents on these topics they rather take what they see as “reality”. Yet they are unaware that what they see is unreal which is what this Dove video is trying to say.

“I want to be Hannah Montana” is something that my seven year old sister repeatedly tells me. Even though I think Hannah Montana has no negative implications yet on my little sister’s body perception, she has been marketed to be seen as a real character that one day my sister can be like her. This is the way many images in the media are portrayed as. They attempt to make the images be attainable. Many magazines have on their cover “How to look like a celebrity”, “How to look as beautiful like them”, “Celebrities Beauty Secrets” and the list can go on. These are tips on how be or look like these celebrities. Clothing works in the same way just as much as other products. The media wants to close the gap between the images they advertise and the general population by advertising that one day they could be them. However as seen in this video that gap is never going to be closed because the images use digital retouching. The actual celebrity secret is not a product but technology that is making them look beautiful.

Model Behavior

The modeling industry is an important aspect affecting the female’s body image. One popular issue is the promotion of the perfect and skinny body. Modeling industries strive to only have the most attractive and skinny model. Therefore many female models attempt to fit their needs in order to be employed. This includes eating irregularly, unhealthy eating and snacking, and even starvation. In November 14, 2008 a Brazilian model, Ana Carolina Reston (picture below) passed away due to complications dealing with anorexia. Ana’s weight was only 88 pounds when she died. Her story and Luisel Ramo’s story, another model that passed away due to anorexia, have captivated much attention towards the modeling industry and eating disorders. Due to this the Madrid Fashion show required all the models who were lower than an 18 in body mass to be banned because they were classified as underweight by the World Health Organization. Another change was that any model that wants to be on a catwalk needs to have a medical certificate. Not only does this affect the models but all of the females who strive to be and look like them.

Another aspect of the modeling industry is the lack of “normal” size girls. According to the video Slim Hopes 95% of women do not have this model body. This means that young girls watching America’s Next Top Model, Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency, Make Me a Supermodel, and many other television shows and magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Glamour, InStyle, and many other magazines will strive to look like them but never will. However there are several modeling agencies that have embraced plus size models as a division. Designers and product companies have also embraced plus size models in their advertisement and promotion. The media is slowly but surely embracing plus size models. However the day when plus size models become as popular and respected by society and in the modeling industry just like the skinny models is yet to come. Which is also have affecting the day until women and girls become more comfortable with themselves.

Conniff Taber, Kimberly. "With Model's Death, Eating Disorders are Again Spotlight." International Herald Tribune 20 Nov. 2006.

Slim Hopes: Advertising and the Obsession With Thinness. Dir. Jean Kilbourne. VHS. 1995.

Madonna's Beauty Secrets

celebrity beauty secrets
How does Madonna do it? She’s 50 years old and has the body of a 20 year old – just what is her celebrity beauty secrets - Madonna?

Well, first off, this mother of three children is super rich and can afford to stay this thin and in shape. She is a fitness queen for sure and applies a strict diet regimen and workout routine to stay this great looking.

So what is her celebrity diet secret? She works out for two to three hours a day practicing Ashtanga yoga, pilates, cycling, weight training and swimming. Included in this difficult regime are two workout machines called a Power-Plat and a Cardio Wave. For us mere mortals that have to work at a real job, we would never be able to invest this amount of time on a daily basis for working out.

Added to her workout regime, Madonna follows a strict macrobiotic diet. She does not dine out often in restaurants because as she says, “You can never be entirely sure what’s on your plate”. A macrobiotic diet consists of organic vegetables, fruits, grains and natural sugars. . The macrobiotic diet eliminates such foods as oils, dairy, processed food, sauces and spices which all help to contribute to weight gain and bloating. It is also high in phytoestrogens which is healthy for women when they are approaching their later age. A macrobiotic diet is difficult to follow if you don’t have the income to buy the foods required for this diet, the special pots and pans needed to prepare the food and it would help if you had your own chef to help prepare these menus.

Besides her diet secrets, Madonna is rumoured to use an anti-aging snake oil cream which costs about $1,000 per jar. She smoothes on the cream regularly at 8:00 p.m. every night. She then places herself in a body bag to sleep in to help fight the battle against aging to keep her skin soft and smooth.

Some of these celebrity beauty secrets would be hard to follow for people that don’t have the incomes of the stars. Beauty takes time, energy and money, but we can learn from the celebrities and adapt their beauty secrets to our life.

Photo Courtesy of AskMen.com

Celebrity Beauty Secrets from Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren, the glamourous Italian actress who is over 71 years of age, when asked about her celebrity beauty secrets, revealed that her beauty came from “a love of life, spaghetti, and the odd bath in virgin olive oil.” No doubt, this actress from Italy eats healthy fresh Mediterranean foods and extra virgin olive oil which is organic and available in abundance in Italy. Her habit of bathing occasionally in olive oil is an anti-aging tradition dating back to her Roman ancestors. Olive oil is moisturizing and not only super good for the skin but also when ingested, it is great for your health. One of Sophia’s recent achievements is to be the oldest woman to model for the sexy Pirelli calendar.

In the days before botox and the many other cosmetic surgery options available for women today, Sophia Loren was told to have her nose fixed. But she refused believing that women must mold themselves to fit someone else’s ideal of beauty. She thinks this is unnatural. She didn’t get her nosed changes and she has survived and succeeded with great success and beauty even in her winter years.

She also goes to bed, habitually at 9:00 p.m. She said in an interview that she had “grown accustomed to going to bed at this time since childhood when I’d always get up at seven in the morning to study. Eventually I decided to keep the habit”. Whoever said we should get our beauty sleep was surely referring to Sophia as a prime example of this great habit.

This beautiful celebrity has written a book about her thoughts on beauty and has developed a very strong concept of what beauty means. She states that a woman must realise her own beauty for it to shine through, and adorn herself in beautiful jewellery. She concludes, "Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than being convinced that she is indeed beautiful. And only a jewel renders this state of mind more real”. "The hands are very important; they speak the language of the gestures - just like the mouth." "They should be coloured with jewels just like the mouth is coloured with lipstick. "Also a woman's dress must be like a metallic fence, it should serve its purpose without obstructing the view."

Her signature makeup look has always been a winged cat eye with usually nude color lipstick, lipstick shade dependent upon the occasion.

We can learn celebrity beauty secrets from the likes of the great beauties such as Sophia Loren. Some actresses are generous enough to share their beauty secrets with us mere mortals. So, pasta, attitude, olive oil and jewellery are on my next shopping list!

Photography from the BBC.

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Hushed by Beauty

In the article “Born with a Birthmark and Nowhere to Hide; One Woman's Journey to Accepting the Purplish Stain on her Face” an undisclosed women tells her story about her identity while she was growing up with a birthmark extending from her chin, cheek, ear, and neck. Growing up at home she did not feel self-conscious about her birthmark not until she started school. Classmates would say rude and hurtful remarks towards her. Due to this she tried any way to hide her birthmark or make herself unknown in order to not draw any attention towards her birthmark. Once she started using make-up she found a new identity. “After years of loneliness and teasing, I couldn’t risk being vulnerable. So I became the master of my own blissful masquerade.” She acknowledged that the make-up was not only covering her birthmark but was covering a part of her. She was also self-conscious of this new identity because she knew that in some way she was tricking people into believing that she looked like this. When she was around boys or un-friendly make-up weather she felt uncomfortable. After being married and an adult she decided to expose her true identity. Even though she is older she still receives negative remarks but she was better able to deal with them.

“Yet I couldn’t contemplate being invisible again or, worse, ugly.” This is a common remark many girls and women share around the world. They would rather go to extremes in order to feel known and even better beautiful. Plastic surgery, Botox, Liposuction, excessive use of make-up and many other methods have been used by many girls in order to “shield” their ugliness. This article is an example of the effects many women face in order to fit societies ideal beauty. Mental and emotional damage are just as harmful as physical damage they face when they want to and strive to look beautiful. These methods used by these women at some point do not feel satisfying. Just like the woman in the article felt about make-up “Makeup had shielded me during adolescence, but now I felt as if half of me was trapped beneath a shellacked surface.” The make-up was a false identity which could not personally please her. At some point in her life her self-consciousness about her birthmark intervened with career opportunities. Her experience overall is an example of how powerful the beauty ideal is and how persistent it is over the entire society not just women. Just like the cable guy in the article expects women as much she expected herself to be the beautiful woman society expects.



The video that I decided to focus on was a dove video titled “Onslaught”. The video is part of a “The Campaign for Real Beauty” Dove launched in 2004. The campaign is raising awareness about the issues many face when speaking about beauty. The video shows different media exposures about beauty and the means to get the “right look” being almost shoved and pushed towards a little girl as she and her friends are going to school. The point of the video is to be aware that the media and its perception on beauty are constantly being taught to women especially young girls. Even though may argue that the media exposure might not have any impact on young girls it does cause them to have self-esteem issues about themselves.

The first time I saw the video I was shocked and amazed of how much we are shown about beauty in the media. We are constantly are bombarded with these “fake” images about these beautiful women without noticing. When they are all put together and shown as one we see that they are troubling and then we question what we see. Even though the video captivates many it has not been shown nationwide. Therefore many especially young girls accept what they see and do not question it at all. Why not question when not being informed? We live in a society where few make important decisions about what we see and what can be questioned. There are few corporations and networks that control the media industry therefore they decide what is going to be shown and what is not. Due to this power given to very few people and the increasing in money hungry individuals we continue to see anything being done for money in the media. That is showing your naked body nationwide or kissing two people at the same time. It is done for a reason because the media only wants captivating images in order to make profit. Therefore young “normal” everyday looking girls are not of importance towards the media industry because there is nothing captivating about them that would make money according to them. One way to stop this bombardment of false images of women is to change the media industry from its roots.

"Campaign For Real Beauty Mission." DOVE. 14 Mar. 2008. 2 Nov. 2008.