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Jessica Simpson ...

Celebrities, like Jessica Simpson, are lucky. They have the best hairstylists in
Jessica Simpson the industry waiting at their beck and call. If they would like to change their hair color or try a new hair style or length for their latest red carpet gala or movie role, then it's as easy as asking. They never have to worry about bad hair days with the plethora of "best products" and "best techniques" at their disposal. Well, most of us don't have access to a hairstylist more than once a month (if we're even that lucky). So why not learn how to become your own personal hair expert. The following celebrity hair secrets will give you the know how on all the best hair products and techniques so you too can create celebrity hair worthy of the red carpet! Glamorous hair is not just for celebrities anymore! Here are some fabulous Celebrity Hair Secrets. There are plenty more to be found in the many fabulous celebrity hair secret articles listed below them.

Christina Ricci’s.....

Celebrity hairstylist Cheryl Marks who has worked on Christina Ricci’s hair recommends parting hair a little off-center. When you part your hair, you drag the comb from the top of the back of the head (known as the crown) to your forehead.

To make middle-parted hair more flattering to all face shapes, be sure to end the part about ¼ inch to ½ inch away from the actual center of your head.

Lauren Prepon
Laura Prepon

Celebrity hairstylist Crystal Tesinsky who has worked with Laura Prepon and Nicole Ritchie says that the super shiny hair in celebrity photos comes from blow drying the hair straight (as straight hair reflects more light than curly hair) and by adding shine sprays or serums that have little sparkles in them, which makes the hair sparkle too.

Kelly Ripa Kelly Ripa ...

Celebrity hairstylist Crystal Tesinsky says that most celebrities, like Kelly Ripa will need a pomade or wax at some point because it tames fly-aways, can make the ends of hair look “piece-y”, and can smooth frizzy strands. Just rub a pea sized amount between hands and then run down the hair shaft. You can also add texture to the hair by coiling it around a pomade-slicked finger and letting it uncoil. To make hair look slick lightly comb afterward.

Lindsay Lohan ....

Celebrities - Beauty Secret ???

Celebrity beauty secrets: What are your favorite star's beauty tips?

Since celebrities like Christina Aquilera have access to all the best beauty tips, techniques, and products, they have a lot of secrets to share. To discover their beauty secrets click on the letter of their first names and scroll down. Then click on the links under their names to discover their secrets. Scroll to your favorite celebrity, or the star who looks most like you, or simply keep scrolling down to check out all the celebrity beauty secrets!

Alicia Keys:

• Alicia Keys loves the look of naturally long, thick lashes. She loves Talika Eyelash Lipocils, a gel which nourishes the lash root to promote eyelash growth! Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Would you believe this claim is actually backed up by the French Advertising Claims Bureau? This product is supposed to give you eyelashes so long and thick that you don't need mascara! It is available at

• Like many celebrities, Alicia Keys loves this skin care product line. Find out what her celebrity beauty secret is.

Alyssa Milano:

Here is a beauty secret from Alyssa Milano beauty secret for plump, full lips. This is a can't miss celebrity beauty secret!

• Alyssa Milano is known for her variety of brunette hairstyles. She likes to vary her look to keep it fresh, by going with light brown hair with dark blonde highlights, or with rich brown hair with caramel highlights.

Angelina Jolie:

• Wish you had full, pouty lips like Angelina Jolie? While hers are natural, you can plump yours without collagen injections. Try Lip Fusion XL.

• Angelina Jolie is a huge fan of Paint Cosmetiques Glaze Stick in Bittersweet (a cinnamon shade). This creamy glaze can be used to brighten eyes, lips or cheeks! She wore it during the making of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and to the Academy Awards where she picked up the Best Supporting Actress trophy for Girl Interrupted! It is available at

• Angelina Jolie's hairstylist shares his celebrity beauty tip for adding volume to the roots of Angelina's hair. He does this with a little sprinkling of Johnson's Baby Powder and a hair dryer. You rub the bady powder into your roots and then blow dry it away. It also mops up any grease from "second or third day hair", acting as an emergency dry shampoo.

• These skinny jeans are the favorite curve huggers of Angelina Jolie.

Celebrities - Hair Style Pictures

Here are some prom or wedding updo hair style pictures in which celebrities show you how they wear their hair up for a special occasion. All you need to do is add a few flowers or pearls or other hair jewelry and you'll be ready for your special day! Take the photo to your hair stylist if you can not do it yourself.

Here are some of your favorite celebrites in updo hair styles:

Halle Berry's Updo Hair Style


Halle Berry's Second Updo Hair Style

Angelina Jolie's Updo Hair Style

Angelina Jolie's updo hairstyle consists of long, almost chin-length face-framing bangs which are parted in the center. The rest of the hair is gathered into a loose high pony tail, which can be secured with a Blax Elastic (a favorite elastic of celebrity hair dressers for loose or tight ponytails and minimal hair damage, as they are plastic and can be cut out of the hair).

Angelina Jolie's Updo Back View

The back of the hair is then twisted into small, messy coils. These can be held in place with bobbie pins and hair spray. The finishing touch is a shiny metalic barrette. Don't forget the dangling earrings.

Jennifer Lopez's Updo Hair Style

Jennifer Lopez's updo hairstyle looks like it was set in medium to large sized rollers first (you can use either gel, steam, or electric rollers). The hair is parted in the middle, and the back of the crown is back combed for height. The bangs are long, straight, chin length and curled slightly under at the ends.

Jennifer Lopez's Updo Side View

The hair is twisted into medium sized loose, messy coils on the back. Bring this photo to a hairstylist to get a similar interpretation.