Smiling can do wonders to your further to know why!

A smile can be contagious for sure but did you know what it can do for your face in terms of age? Well,on a philosophical note a smile can light up your face but on a serious and scientific note your facial expressions affect your skin creases.

Face is the only part of the body where the muscle attaches its one end on the bone and the other on the loose tissue below the skin.Rest of the muscles of the body attach both ends on bone.This implies firstly that your facial muscles can be firmed up by the kind of expressions you use most of the day.If you frown or remain sad most of the day,it firms up your facial muscle in that way.

If you notice carefully you will find a lot of people around who have a constantly smiling face and appear to be smiling even when they are not.On the other hand some carry a constantly tensed look and and have forehead lines.when you smile it not only relieves tension on your mind,improves the facial expression.firms up the smiling muscles and of course makes everyone around feel happy too!

Celebrity Fat Loss Secrets

Celebrity Fat Loss Secrets : OprahAcai Berry is one the latest fat loss secrets of celebrities. This is another product that is endorsed by celebrities. We all know that when a celebrity endorses a product, people will race to buy it. Daytime TV’s Oprah Winfrey was recently introduced to the Acai berry supplement and raved about this new weight loss supplement on her show. Celebrities from Oprah to Rachel Ray are now using this weight loss supplement to assist in losing weight, gaining energy and for cleansing purpose.

Dr. Nicolas Perricone introduced Oprah to Acai berry supplements when he appeared on her television show discussing the top ten “superfoods”. He mentioned the Acai berry which comes from the Amazonian rainforests as the number one super food. It is also known as MonaVie which is derived from the Acai berry. He has done a lot of research on the Acai berry and published his findings in his book entitled "The Perricone Promise", where he explains the benefits of ingesting Acai berry.

Oprah Winfrey’s weight loss struggles are publicly known. She endorsed the Acai berry as a safe weightloss supplement because it is safe and natural and can benefit everyone.

It is not cheap but it is effective. Acai berry is a unique tasting fruit much like an exotic grape. The taste is refreshing. These berries are high in nutrients and antioxidants which can cleanse your body and making you more motivated to do physical activities. You will feel more energetic which makes you feel like exercising more. We all know that diet alone is not enough to help you lose weight, you must get moving and you must exercise. Exercise has many benefits, as it not only causes weight lost and tones your muscles, but benefits your heart and health and happiness in numerous ways.

The Acai berry’s pulp is tasty to eat and high in fibre. The most common way to have Acai berry is as a weight loss supplement. Constipation is reduced. Just consuming this weight loss supplement causes many people to lose from five to 25 pounds a month on average. The metabolism runs faster with Acai and food is processed faster through the system with the result of preventing fat from building up. Thus, its benefits as a weight loss supplement.

Added benefits of the acai berry are that it has 30 times more anthocyanin than red wine and is rich in vitamins and minerals and therefore can replace many high caloried foods. As far as protein is concerned, it has as much protein as an egg.

Of course, eating fresh acai berries is the best way to consume these berries, but you can also get it in the form of juice, powder or extracts. You can also drink Acai berry as a tea. It leaves a soothing feeling in the stomach after you drink the fruit flavoured tea or juice.

Now you know all about this weight loss secret which has been shared with all daytime TV viewers. Oprah who loves Acai berries, of course, didn’t want to keep this little celebrity fat loss secret to herself because it’s of benefit to everyone who struggles with their weight on a daily basis.

Plastic Surgery Secrets in Hollywood

Let’s just face it, the best kept beauty secrets among Hollywood beauties, male and female, is not their affairs, breakdowns, shopping sprees but rather plastic surgery. In an industry where beauty and thinness is a prerequisite for working in Hollywood, celebrities must maintain their good looks and their great bodies. With the advances in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, Hollywood celebrities are lining up to get this and that fixed as they age.

But age is no longer limited to celebrities as they hit say, 38 or 40 or older. The younger set of actors and actresses are also getting plastic surgery to fix what they think is not “perfect”.

Who are some of the younger celebrities that are getting plastic surgery? It was thought that Rihanna got breast implants but this is just a false rumour. She is known to wear outfits which push her breasts up and out. However, she doesn’t deny that when she gets older, she will probably go under the knife, but for the meantime, she is happy with her looks and wants to stay as natural as possible.

Adrienne Bailon of Cheetah Girls has definitely had some breast implants if you look at some before and after photos of her. No bra can work such wonders as to make the boobs look the way hers do in later photographs.

Chase Crawford, of Gossip Girl, only 23 years old is rumoured to have had a nose job to make his nose appear narrower.

Lindsay Lohan, only a tender 22 years old, but the willing participant of wild all night parties has had to have Botox, according to our sources. Botox has been used to lift her eyebrows, remove some deep creases on her forehead and soften the lines under her eyes. Alcohol and excessive partying can definitely ruin your looks. Read more about celebrities and partying here.

Megan Fox, 22 years old, very sexy and beautiful is rumoured to get Botox injections on the set. It is also rumoured that she has had breast implants, a nose job and lip injections.

Miley Cyrus, 16, and Zac Efron, 21, have had their teeth fixed to show off their great smiles. Miley has had teeth whitening and bonding and Zac has had the space between his two front teeth fixed.

Is Botox necessary? It’s a tool that mere mortals and celebrities use to look better. Botox does not last forever and you have to get Botox re-done about every six months. Botox is not known to have side effects in most people. How does Botox works? It weakens the muscles that cause wrinkles to form. Young people are using it as a preventative measure. But it seems the younger people are who start using it, the more likely it is to become an addiction.

Plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and fillers like Botox are usually some of the most closely guarded celebrity beauty secrets around, but with some of the great results obtained by the stars, it’s hard to keep it a secret.