Kristen Stewart's Beauty Secrets

celebrity beauty secrets - Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson's amore and co-star Kristen Stewart has some celebrity beauty secrets we'd all like to get a hold of. Here are some of the makeup tricks she uses to help with her beautiful sultry look. This article comes from A Twilight Kiss dot com.

"Foundation of Coolness First, Beau Nelson acknowledged the material of coolness he had to work with.

This was my first time working with Kristen Stewart, who by the way, is SUCH a cool girl!
The Valentino Dress A stylist is a liaison between the actor and the fashion designers, and, picks out the best choices for his client, after consultation, of course; so, I was surprised that there was no mention of a stylist among the group members. Do we assume that her assistant, John, took care of borrowing and returning the dresses? Also, there’s no mention whether Kristen got to keep the Valentino dress.

Together with the hair stylist and Kristen’s assistant John, we decided on the dress. After watching Kristen try on a few, we all felt the Valentino was special and different from what she has been seen in before.

The Haircut Although there was a lot of speculation that Kristen Stewart cut her hair at the back, it was actually the front that had a trim.

Kristen has been growing her hair out since her Joan Jett movie and superstar hairstylist and Pantene spokesperson Hallie Bowman from The Wall Group decided to trim Kristen’s bangs to make sure they were not too long and in her eyes.

The Hidden Rosy Glow There was one detail of her makeup routine that is unusual. Beau Nelson described the process.

I had a vision for her look: pale skin with burgundy smoky eyes. I applied a mix of Flouron and Harlot Liqui-gel stain from my line Beauté to the apple of the cheeks, using my finger tips.
I used a little more than I really thought was needed, so that when I applied Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in Nude over it that it would be muted and look like it were coming from within

The Kissable Lips If there is one product in her makeup arsenal that can be used by everyone, I think it would be the pink beige lipstick that tinted the lips of Kristen Stewart

Lips were a pink-beige gloss called Medusa from Beauté which Kristen happily took with her to the show to reapply!

Uhm… With a product name like Medusa, was its effect as stony hard as its mythological counterpart? And, how many times, I wonder, did Kristen Stewart have to reapply her lipstick due to one love struck Robert Pattinson?"
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The year's been busy and I haven't had the time to go do the research and find out some more celebrity beauty secrets for my readers. I do apologize. Things have slowed down a bit now and I promise I will keep you updated on their routines and secrets. We all need to know these little secrets to help ourselves look great! Till my next posting, have a wonderful day and keep getting your eight to nine hours of beauty sleep. That's beauty secret number Uno.

Demi Moore and plastic surgery

Celebrity Beauty Secrets - Demi Moore
It was recently reported in the press in 2004 that Demi Moore, aged 46, spends thousands to the tune of $300,000 on plastic surgery. However, she recently revealed that plastic surgery is not for her.

In an interview with France’s Marie Claire magazine, she said that plastic surgery is not for her. “I don’t like the idea of having an operation to hold up the aging process – it’s a way to combat your neurosis. The scalpel won’t make you happy.”

Not a denier of plastic surgery like some actresses, Demi did admit that, “the day when I start crying when I look at myself in the mirror might be the day when I’m less adamant about not having it done.”

Seems from what I know, Demi is a pretty balanced woman and why would she have had all that surgery back in 2004 when she was only 41? She, after all, like a lot of Hollywood stars and super models are genetically blessed with “Body By God”. They’ve got the height, the bone structure and the skin that lends itself naturally to good looks and looks that last longer than us mere mortals. Besides, when you are getting the kind of salary and budget to buy the clothes they wear, it sort of encourages you to look after yourself and workout like mad. Besides, you are most likely going to have a chef to cook the best low carb foods and do your groceries for you. And, you are going to stay on that diet because that’s what your audience and fans want. You are in the public eye, after all. And nobody would like that nasty, nasty press and the paparazzi taking photographs of you showing and calling you “FAT”.

Demi is known to religiously work out a lot and follow a strict diet, so she’s bound to look good a lot longer than most of us. Besides, her darling Ashton Kutcher is a lot younger than her and so, not having a fat old husband, she’s got extra encouragement and reasons to look after her self. A healthy lifestyle, stress reduction, using a good sunscreen and moisturizer, eating healthily and exercise will keep us all looking good for a lot longer. And, I’ve said it before, if Demi has or will have plastic surgery and can afford it, who cares? It should be her own little celebrity beauty secret.

Celebrity Britney Spears Diet Secrets

celebrity beauty secrets - britney spears
Not a girl, Britney Spears is a grown woman.

Recently, Britney Spears has been showing off her lost and found sexy body on the latest issue of OK magazine. She lost 20 pounds in just four weeks. Appearing now around the world with her new fit body. How did she do it?! How do the celebs get their body in top shape for their appearances and concerts tours? The secret is no secret really, just a good diet and lots and lots of exercise with a celebrity trainer.

According to insiders, Britney was determined to lose weight after being motivated by her upcoming tour. A group of experts spent a great deal of brain power in coming up with a low-calorie diet plan she could stick with. Not only the food that Britney eats are tasty, but they do in reasonable portions to make the artist actually feel full. On her new diet, she is allowed to eat three meals a day plus two snacks! On average, she would be eating a caloric intake of 1100 to 1200 calories per day. Besides Britney, Eva Longoria and Marcia Cross are also embracing this diet plan. The result is proven, they don’t have to make the compromise between a thin stomach and an empty stomach.

Of course, dieting along is not enough to make a body looks so fit and healthy. Britney still does a lot a heavy exercise routine and dances for at least 2 hours per day in preparation for her tour. If she is in an energetic mood, she would even spin on the dance floor for over 8 hours. Apparently she is doing very well!

However, there are other habits in life that Britney has decided to keep and that is --- her shopping habit! To compensate for her busy life schedule, Britney still shops like a princess. She once spent $3000 dollars in just 15 minutes by buying diamond rings, clothes and other bling bling accessories a girl’s gotta have. Oh well, maybe she is a woman,, but still has got the girl in her. All this shopping no doubt, encourages her to have her best body in order.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Diet Secrets

Celebrity Beauty Secrets : Gwyneth Paltrow
Although in the real world, celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow wouldn’t be thought of as fat but in Hollywood, you have to stay super thin to be a star. There is always a new celebrity beauty secret coming out of Hollywood and these "secrets" usually start trends elsewhere. What are her celebrity diet secrets? She, like many others are following a mostly juice detox diet and after three weeks of this diet, she has lost weight and feels "cleansed." Although she has followed in the past the Master Cleanse diet before, she is now raving about this new juice detox diet.

Called the “Clean program”, this three week diet was created by Dr. Alejandro Junger, a nutritionist and cardiologist. The Clean Program is supposed to discharge the toxins in the body, restore vitality, boost energy levels AND help you lose weight. It’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s detox diet as of late.

The diet consists of three meals a day, where only one meal is “solid”. On this diet, the following items are forbidden: alcohol, caffeine, pop soda, dairy, grains with gluten, meat, shellfish, processed foods, soy products, nuts, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, condiments or sugar. The rest of the diet, if there is anything else you can think of eating, consists of fruit juices, smoothies, soups, herbal teas and a few non fatty nuts.

Gyneth has lost the weight and she was able to exercise during the day without a loss of energy or feeling weak. Gwyneth works out for about three hours a day because she doesn’t have to work a regular 9 – 5 job like the rest of us. She is exhilarated about the way she now feels saying, "I feel pure and happy and much lighter.”

So why do celebrities have better bodies than us mere mortals? It’s no celebrity beauty secret actually – they have chefs to prepare their food, personal trainers, people to go grocery shopping for them, maids to clean up after them and loads of free time and wads of cash. If you didn’t have to work, you would probably workout for three hours a day as well.

If you want to read the exact menu plan, you can go to Try this celebrity diet secret and let me know how it works out for you.

Suzanne Somers Health and Beauty Secrets

Celebrity beauty secrets - Suzanne Somers
At 62 years old, celebrity Suzanne Somers looks fabulous, but how much of this is real? What are her beauty secrets? Granted, some of her good looks can be attributed to good genes. We also know from her books that she uses bioidentical hormones which are known to improve wellbeing and deal with the symptoms of menopause and fight other problems associated with aging. Suzanne is a living example of anti-aging at its best.

We also know that she eats a healthy diet, has a regular exercise routine of yoga and keeps herself active and participating fully in life. She is busy promoting eternal youth, house and health care products and she takes nutritional supplements, vitamins – quite a lot in fact and natural hormone supplementation and injections. It is most likely that she uses her most famous exercise product which she promotes – The Thigh Master.

Also, we do know that she is not actually against plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. She agrees with the use of Botox and collagen injections which she has stated in her book, “Ageless”. However, she does not agree with getting too much done and that your goals should be to look natural.

She also has a good haircut and uses makeup properly. She is not trying to look like 25 years old. She is looking like herself and she is well done. She dresses her age and avoids looking frumpy.

Judging from photos, it looks like she has had some facial plastic surgery, including a browlift, blepharoplasty and a possible facelift. No doubt she has also had some fillers such as Botox and some collagen injections in the lips. Her face is firm probably due to a facelift. There is fullness in her cheeks, likely because of cosmetic fillers. And why not? She wants to retain her good looks, she is a public figure and lastly, she can afford it.

She takes care of her body from the inside – out. By eating correctly and eating real foods, limiting her caffeine and alcohol intake, exercising and taking bioidentical hormones, she is taking care of her health. In her book, “Ageless”, she reports that she takes the following nutritional supplements:

Calcium – for strong bones
Vitamin C – 1000 mg daily
St. John’s Wort – for its ability to calm
Vitamin E
Glucosamine – for the joints and cartilage
CoQ10 – for the heart
White tea extract
Smoke Shield – to guard against environmental pollution
Reishi Mushroom

I think Suzanne Somers looks great for her age. If we follow her routine and her healthy lifestyle, we can all look this good at 62. Really, her beauty secrets are no secret at all but rather the result of taking care of oneself, from the inside out.

Megan Fox Beauty Secrets

Celebrity Beauty Secrets - Megan Fox
Gorgeous celebrity Megan Fox with her fantastic body, bronze skin and long eyelashes has a few celebrity beauty secrets up her sleeve. Declaring she is not one for dieting or exercising because she is lazy and admitting to the fact that she has a sweet tooth, “I have to do cleanses every once in a while 'cause of the amount of sugar I take in."

As for diet and exercise, Megan, 22 uses a quick fix for her sweet tooth by drinking a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar to regularly cleanse her system. She swears that drinking apple cider vinegar flushes out all the toxins and helps her to keep her fabulous figure. She also says, "It will get rid of, for women who retain water weight...and all that, it gets rid of it really fast." She added that the other benefit is, “It will get rid of, for women who retain water weight, from your menstrual cycle and all that, it gets rid of it really fast." It’s worth a tCelebrity Beauty Secrets - Megan Foxry.

For de-stressing after a hectic day, "I take melatonin to sleep. But I also have lavender oil all over the house, and if you put that under your nose, on your forehead, and I put it over my heart - it's just really relaxing. Something about that scent helps you to focus."

She also claims that she finds the sun healthful and is a part of her skin care regime. "I find that being out in the sun is better for you than people think. Like, when I started going back to the beach and being in the saltwater and the sun, my skin improved a lot. So, I benefit from sunshine."

However, how much of that sun she actually takes is questionable as we all know that too much exposure to the sun can cause both skin cancer and wrinkled skin. It is rumoured that she pays $200 - $300 for a full body spray tan.

However, she does admit that “The sun and the sea - things that suit me,” help her with keeping her complexion beautiful.

“I consider staying under the sun is much more useful, than most people think. For example, when I start going on a beach and bathing in salty sea water, my skin condition improves considerably,” Megan added.

As for Megan’s eyelashes, she uses Lumigan for her long lashes. Lumigan eye drops are a drug that promotes the growth of eyelashes. Many actresses are getting tired of putting on the false eyelashes and are instead using either Lumigan or Latisse which is the only FDA approved drug called bimatoprost to grow longer eyelashes. To frame those beautiful eyes, she is definitely using the skills of a talented makeup artist to get that smokey eyed look.

Susan Boyle's Not So Secret Makeover

Celebrity Beauty Secrets : Susan BoyleIt seems that celebrities everywhere, wherever they are, get makeovers every once in a while. It's how they maintain their celebrity beauty. Even newcomers to stardom, such as American Idol’s contestants get celebrity makeovers when they start appearing on the show. The experts advise them on such things as teeth whitening, new hair styles, new makeup and new clothes. The makeup artists work their magic on them.

This is no different for the latest new celebrity over in Britain, famous in seven weeks for her singing, Susan Boyle. Millions of people all over the world have either watched her performances on television or watched the videos of her on YouTube. The press is full of stories about her and the world wide web has masses of websites and information on her.

She is a very ordinary woman from a village in Scotland with an extraordinary voice. People have fallen in love with her because she’s just a normal, ordinary woman, 48 years old, overweight, bushy eyebrows and apparently, never been kissed. Since rising to fame because of her performances on Britain’s Got Talent, she has had a makeover and it is no celebrity secret. It has become major news. In fact, everything she does has become major news. She even appeared on the Oprah show and was asked about her makeover.

What did the experts do with Susan Boyle? First of all, they plucked her previously bushy eyebrows and cut and colored her dry fly away hair giving her an auburn color and a nice short hair cut to frame her face. She had a friend apply makeup to her previously bare face.

Even Susan admits how frumpy she was. She is now wearing new clothes including a sexy black leather jacket, tasteful classic trousers and some red high heels.

She admits she will need to work on the wardrobe a bit more and to lose some weight. She has the desire to look “nice and smart.” So Susan’s celebrity secret makeover did not remain a secret from the world for long. It became widely reported in the media. But whatever she does, the whole world loves Susan Boyle and people will be watching to see if she wins this weekend’s Britain’s Got Talent.

How to keep your skin well hydrated?

WELL HYDRATED SKIN....sounds familiar but do you have it? Does hydration have anything to do with the texture of your skin?YESSSS...very much! Have you seen fresh jelly.That's hydrated.Keep the jelly outside ,it will dry up.Our skin is just like jelly,it needs proper hydration to maintain the texture.If it doesn't get proper hydration it starts getting wrinkles,dried black heads and blocked pores( that become pimples).

Is it difficult to keep skin hydrated? Maintaining skin hydration is as difficult or as easy as maintaining a balanced diet.Here are simple tips and remedies:
1. Eat fruits and raw salads daily
2.Drink a lot of water.If you wish to check how much water is just enough,then a simple way is to check if you suffer from constipation.Most of the constipation problem (not all cases) are due to not eating fruits and salad and drinking too less water.
3.Don't use towel to dry your skin. Wash your face and just let it air dry without wiping it with a towel.You will notice a visible difference in the pore size on face.Your face will become smoother and shiny.
4.Tap your face lightly all over after washing.See the video below.This helps to improve the blood circulation on your face.

Beauty Secrets from Celebrity Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba, the very name is enough to send the pulse racing. This beauty has captured the hearts of millions of people around the world with her sheer sensuousness. Her hard bodied feminine figure is the envy of women around the world. All eyes focus on her beauty and her body at whatever star studded event she participates in these days. Fans around the world are eager to learn more about her beauty secrets. Just as in the case with many other celebrity beauty secrets, a lot of hard work and discipline goes into Jessica Alba’s glowing skin and fantastic shape. Eating right, proper make up and a strict exercise routine is what is behind the phenomenon called Jessica Alba.

One of the little known secrets of the glowing skin of Jessica Alba is mint tea. This is one natural ingredient which is known to help perk up dull skin. Mint tea is known to stimulate blood flow and cool the skin, giving you that glowing look that you always wanted.

Proper makeup is another important aspect of the look of a star like Jessica Alba. For example, the right shade of lipstick and gloss, matching your skin tone can go a long way in making you look better. If you have a fresh complexion like that of Jessica Alba, you can choose a light dusty pink colored lipstick and gloss, just like her. Similarly choosing the right colored eye liner and smudging it to get those smoldering eyes and mascara can make your eyes look much bigger and brighter than what they actually are. The look is therefore much more attractive and sexy.

Jessica Alba’s diet is another factor behind her sizzling body. A strict diet is what she sticks to at all times. Breakfast is all about cottage cheese, plenty of fruits and egg white omelet. Her breakfast provides her with all the antioxidants and vitamins that she needs for maintaining her fabulous figure and her overall health. For lunch she usually prefers a salad made with croutons, mayonnaise dressings. Dinner is again typically veggies or lean meat for her. She also occasionally indulges in desserts, but even in this case, it is either yogurts or fruits. Snacks for Jessica Alba are almost always dried fruits. She rounds it off with lots of water too. Drinking eight glasses of water is vital to flushing out toxins from the system and moisturizing your skin internally.

Jessica Alba’s exercise routine is consists of workout schedules ranging from about 30 minutes to one hour every day. She usually works out on an elliptical machine or a treadmill. So, if you want to have her figure and skin, then you need to stick to a strict exercise routine and diet. With a little bit of determination on your part, coupled with some celebrity beauty secrets in hand, you too can become the the center of attraction.

Hugh Jackman`s Workout Routine

Celebrity Beauty Secrets : Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman, who was crowned the ‘sexiest man alive’ in 2008 by none other than the People Magazine, has got a body to die for. Let’s agree on at least this. As far as masculinity and good looks are concerned, he’s got it all. He’s a celeb, he’s gorgeous, he’s talented, he can sing and dance. He’s the epitomy of masculinity. Just watch him move on the screen. Hmmm. Yummm! Hugh Jackman's workout routine is perhaps the most sought after info online today by men, knowing that women and other men adore Hugh Jackman and want to know: How do you get in shape like Hugh Jackman?

You’re probably thinking it’s weird that I’m finally writing about a guy on a celebrity beauty blog. I’ve only posted articles about beautiful celebrity women stars. But let’s face it, beauty is not restricted to one gender.

Although celebrity fitness routines may appear quite easy, nothing could be further from truth. A lot of hard work goes into getting that Hollywood man physique of the kind of Hugh Jackman. There is nothing easy about celebrity workout secrets. You should be first of all willing to put in those extra hours in the gym, lifting heavy weights with repetitions, if you want to get into that kind of a shape. Hugh Jackman is known to have leg pressed 1,000 times and benched 300 pounds, when he was preparing for his role in the movie ‘X-Men : The Last Stand’.

The sculpted physique that you see of Hugh Jackman is something, like Rome, that was not built in a day. One of the most sought after exercise routines, Jackman makes it a point to workout at least two hours every day. Just as in the case with many celebrity workout routines, a lot of Jackman’s training is aimed towards adding muscle mass to his body. Not only that, when he needs to get into shape for a movie, he hires a personal trainer.

As part of his fitness training schedule, he also does Pilates and Yoga. Although you can find celebrity beauty secrets through some source or other, you need to still remember that following some of the celebrity fitness routines require plenty of determination and perseverance. You should first of all make a careful study of the celebrity workout routines that could suit you, preferably in consultation with a qualified fitness instructor. Once you start off on a fitness program, it is also essential that you are motivated enough to not drop out in between.

The Secrets to Celebrity Jennifer Lopez’s Glowing Skin

Celebrity Beauty Secrets : Jennifer Lopez
Who wouldn’t want to have glowing skin like a celebrity? Celebrity beauty is something that sets the benchmark for all us lesser mortals to follow. Take Jennifer Lopez’s beautiful glowing skin for example. It often leaves us wondering, how she is able to have such beautiful and flawless skin. Contrary to what many people think, celebrity beauty secrets are not hard to discover. In fact, with the advent of the internet, they are no longer secrets at all. You can find plenty of information on the skincare routines of celebrities over the internet.

Although there are many stars who visit a plastic surgeon to get that perfect look, a vast majority of the celebrities are known to prefer natural methods to look good for as long as they can. In fact, celebrity beauty these days is all about using some natural and other not so natural skin care products, eating right, exercising and avoiding the harmful rays of the sun. Take J Lo for instance. One of her skincare secrets is, believe it or not, drinking plenty of water which moisturizes the skin from within and cleanses the body. Now, this is one of the most effective and also simplest methods for getting that glowing skin that you always wanted.

In addition, she goes for regular facials, moisturizes her skin with the best anti-aging skincare and for that extra glow, she uses bronzers applied with a large soft brush over her foundation makeup. Bronzers are an excellent tool to help you get that glowing look.

Most of the celebrity skin care secrets can be tried by you. For example, you can always try using the rich moisturizing benefits of cocoa butter, which according to some celebrities is the reason for a flawless soft complexion. Cocoa butter is deeply moisturizing and nourishing for the skin. Similarly you can use an exfoliating cleanser on your skin first thing in the morning. This is the celebrity beauty secrets shared by the beautiful Halle Berry. Exfoliation gets rid of the dead skin cells to review new healthier skin.

You also need to remember that celebrity beauty and beautiful skin is not all about cosmetics or magic herbs. It has also got to a lot with plenty of hard work in the form of workout routines. Almost every celebrity sticks to a regular workout routine. In fact, beauty, eating properly and exercising go hand in hand. So, you too need to remember that a celebrity look is something that requires some effort on your part and cannot be achieved overnight. With persistence and determination though, you too can look like a celebrity and get the glowing skin of Jennifer Lopez.

Celebrity Lip Secrets

Celebrity Beauty Secrets : Angelina Jolie's Lips
What woman does not want to have plump lips like that of Angelina Jolie? You can do a survey of women around the world and be sure to find that a vast majority of them would like to have Angelina Jolie’s sexy pout. Fortunately for all of you, there are a secrets to fuller lips which can help you get plumper lips. Some of the best kept celebrity beauty secrets are revealed here for you.

You need not spend money on cosmetic enhancement in order to have full lips. However, you could have cosmetic surgery if you wanted to. But this is as a last resort. A plastic surgeon uses cosmetic fillers such as restylane or collagen injections for lips to achieve a fuller look for your lips. But this is the more expensive route to take.

Makeup secrets are what you need in order to have those plump lips that you always wanted. One beauty secret that is perhaps the most widely known of them all is to use a lip plumper. These lip plumpers, made by various companies are either like a lipstick or come with a brush which stimulates the lips, causing them to become fuller. Also, you could line your lips with a lip crayon in a brown-pink shade pencil, but make sure to blend the line. On top of your lipstick, add a lip gloss which will draw the light to you lips and make them appear bigger.

Another beauty secret that is not known to many is to brush your lips too when brushing your teeth. This would irritate and then stimulate them to get fuller naturally. You can also use a brush with soft bristles for exfoliating your lips. It is makeup secrets like this that are often hard to find, however simple they may appear.

Health supplements and aromatic oils for achieving fuller lips are available. One among celebrity beauty secrets for full lips is the application of oil of cinnamon leaf on the lips. This is known to increase blood flow to the mouth region and give the lips a healthy glow. Application of a lip balm is another thing that you need to do in order to take care of your lips. This will prevent cracking of your lips and keep them moist and smooth. You can also use vitamins available in liquid form, such as Niacin (vitamin B3) for getting full lips. Niacin is known to be a great plumping agent that works to produce a fuller appearance of your lips. Another natural supplement to take is hyaluronic acid which comes in capsule form. This is a natural moisturizer and can be found in many facial creams. It is also good for dry eye syndrome and for generating collagen and helps keep your joints lubricated. Check with your naturopath for exact dosages.

Cate Blanchett’s Celebrity Skin and Makeup Tips

Celebrity Beauty Secrets Cate Blanchette
One will always notice the beautiful skin and makeup on celebrity beauty Cate Blanchette, one of the most talented actresses on the silver screen. Just how do you get the same porcelain look as Cate? Almost 40 years old, she is still looking ethereal and fabulous in every role she plays. Words you can always associate with her look include, classy, refined and elegant.

Her delicate white skin is definitely one of her assets and her skin is something the camera just loves. She uses products which are rich in antioxidants, wrinkle preventing peptides and vitamins A, C and E. Find a product that will soak the skin in moisture, hydrate and smooth the skin and promote cell turnover. L’Oreal Paris makes such products – their Derma Genesis line contains all of these ingredients for the best in skincare.

Of course to totally take care of your skin, you must protect the skin from the damaging rays of the sun which are the number one cause of premature aging. Use a strong sunblock whenever you go outside.

For that porcelain look she is famous for, use a good long lasting foundation and an ultra fine matt facial power which will help achieve the same flawless look.

For evenings, her celebrity makeup secrets include the use of shimmering eyeshadows which high light facial features. Use metallic shades for the eyes in bronzes, greys, golds and blues. Line the eyes first with a dark eye liner around the eyes and then work in the metallic shimmers. Use a lighter gold or pale white on the brow bone. For you cheeks, use a slightly shimmering blush, but keep it subtle and well-blended.

Cate Blanchett's lips are well defined with a lip pencil and a deep long lasting color in the evenings. Think of berry, ruby or dark pink shiny lip gloss. And remember, to achieve this celebrity makeup look of Cate Blanchette, remember the most important thing of all makeup applications; blend, blend, blend!

Smiling can do wonders to your further to know why!

A smile can be contagious for sure but did you know what it can do for your face in terms of age? Well,on a philosophical note a smile can light up your face but on a serious and scientific note your facial expressions affect your skin creases.

Face is the only part of the body where the muscle attaches its one end on the bone and the other on the loose tissue below the skin.Rest of the muscles of the body attach both ends on bone.This implies firstly that your facial muscles can be firmed up by the kind of expressions you use most of the day.If you frown or remain sad most of the day,it firms up your facial muscle in that way.

If you notice carefully you will find a lot of people around who have a constantly smiling face and appear to be smiling even when they are not.On the other hand some carry a constantly tensed look and and have forehead lines.when you smile it not only relieves tension on your mind,improves the facial expression.firms up the smiling muscles and of course makes everyone around feel happy too!

Celebrity Fat Loss Secrets

Celebrity Fat Loss Secrets : OprahAcai Berry is one the latest fat loss secrets of celebrities. This is another product that is endorsed by celebrities. We all know that when a celebrity endorses a product, people will race to buy it. Daytime TV’s Oprah Winfrey was recently introduced to the Acai berry supplement and raved about this new weight loss supplement on her show. Celebrities from Oprah to Rachel Ray are now using this weight loss supplement to assist in losing weight, gaining energy and for cleansing purpose.

Dr. Nicolas Perricone introduced Oprah to Acai berry supplements when he appeared on her television show discussing the top ten “superfoods”. He mentioned the Acai berry which comes from the Amazonian rainforests as the number one super food. It is also known as MonaVie which is derived from the Acai berry. He has done a lot of research on the Acai berry and published his findings in his book entitled "The Perricone Promise", where he explains the benefits of ingesting Acai berry.

Oprah Winfrey’s weight loss struggles are publicly known. She endorsed the Acai berry as a safe weightloss supplement because it is safe and natural and can benefit everyone.

It is not cheap but it is effective. Acai berry is a unique tasting fruit much like an exotic grape. The taste is refreshing. These berries are high in nutrients and antioxidants which can cleanse your body and making you more motivated to do physical activities. You will feel more energetic which makes you feel like exercising more. We all know that diet alone is not enough to help you lose weight, you must get moving and you must exercise. Exercise has many benefits, as it not only causes weight lost and tones your muscles, but benefits your heart and health and happiness in numerous ways.

The Acai berry’s pulp is tasty to eat and high in fibre. The most common way to have Acai berry is as a weight loss supplement. Constipation is reduced. Just consuming this weight loss supplement causes many people to lose from five to 25 pounds a month on average. The metabolism runs faster with Acai and food is processed faster through the system with the result of preventing fat from building up. Thus, its benefits as a weight loss supplement.

Added benefits of the acai berry are that it has 30 times more anthocyanin than red wine and is rich in vitamins and minerals and therefore can replace many high caloried foods. As far as protein is concerned, it has as much protein as an egg.

Of course, eating fresh acai berries is the best way to consume these berries, but you can also get it in the form of juice, powder or extracts. You can also drink Acai berry as a tea. It leaves a soothing feeling in the stomach after you drink the fruit flavoured tea or juice.

Now you know all about this weight loss secret which has been shared with all daytime TV viewers. Oprah who loves Acai berries, of course, didn’t want to keep this little celebrity fat loss secret to herself because it’s of benefit to everyone who struggles with their weight on a daily basis.

Plastic Surgery Secrets in Hollywood

Let’s just face it, the best kept beauty secrets among Hollywood beauties, male and female, is not their affairs, breakdowns, shopping sprees but rather plastic surgery. In an industry where beauty and thinness is a prerequisite for working in Hollywood, celebrities must maintain their good looks and their great bodies. With the advances in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, Hollywood celebrities are lining up to get this and that fixed as they age.

But age is no longer limited to celebrities as they hit say, 38 or 40 or older. The younger set of actors and actresses are also getting plastic surgery to fix what they think is not “perfect”.

Who are some of the younger celebrities that are getting plastic surgery? It was thought that Rihanna got breast implants but this is just a false rumour. She is known to wear outfits which push her breasts up and out. However, she doesn’t deny that when she gets older, she will probably go under the knife, but for the meantime, she is happy with her looks and wants to stay as natural as possible.

Adrienne Bailon of Cheetah Girls has definitely had some breast implants if you look at some before and after photos of her. No bra can work such wonders as to make the boobs look the way hers do in later photographs.

Chase Crawford, of Gossip Girl, only 23 years old is rumoured to have had a nose job to make his nose appear narrower.

Lindsay Lohan, only a tender 22 years old, but the willing participant of wild all night parties has had to have Botox, according to our sources. Botox has been used to lift her eyebrows, remove some deep creases on her forehead and soften the lines under her eyes. Alcohol and excessive partying can definitely ruin your looks. Read more about celebrities and partying here.

Megan Fox, 22 years old, very sexy and beautiful is rumoured to get Botox injections on the set. It is also rumoured that she has had breast implants, a nose job and lip injections.

Miley Cyrus, 16, and Zac Efron, 21, have had their teeth fixed to show off their great smiles. Miley has had teeth whitening and bonding and Zac has had the space between his two front teeth fixed.

Is Botox necessary? It’s a tool that mere mortals and celebrities use to look better. Botox does not last forever and you have to get Botox re-done about every six months. Botox is not known to have side effects in most people. How does Botox works? It weakens the muscles that cause wrinkles to form. Young people are using it as a preventative measure. But it seems the younger people are who start using it, the more likely it is to become an addiction.

Plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and fillers like Botox are usually some of the most closely guarded celebrity beauty secrets around, but with some of the great results obtained by the stars, it’s hard to keep it a secret.

Celebrity Diet Secrets

Do I have to share this celebrity beauty secret with you?

It’s the latest diet trend the young celebrities are following just to look good in front of the camera – a near starvation diet which could be a severe health risk. However, what do they care? So what's the latest celebrity diet secret?

This latest diet involves eating next to nothing and drinking only caffeine and energy drinks just to keep a level of energy up. Does this celebrity diet secret work? Well, yes, if you like to look like a concentration camp victim. I suppose clothes drape well on these prisoners of Hollywood, but I don’t like the look. Clothes are looking kinda like what they look like on a clothes hanger.

A healthy diet for losing weight should consist of, if you are counting calories – about 1200 calories a day. If you are dieting with low carbohydrates, eat no more than 78 carbs a day. Those diets work, but what we might be dealing with here in Hollywood is a lot of cases of extreme anorexia. Whatever!!!!!!!

The long term consequences of this new diet is brittle bones, dry, dull, broken hair, thin papery skin and major damage to your organs, but what do they care – ya can’t see the organs, they’re inside. Severe starvation also causes heart attacks, comas, liver and kidney failure. Hmmm…. Is it worth wasting away? Dunno, it’s up to you.

I like the stars who manage to answer the reporters who question their rapid severe weightloss with answers such as, I’ve been stressed lately or I have a high metabolism. Ya, whatever! Geesh!

Eva Herzigova used to look so good, formerly nice breasts, nice enough to be a "Wonderbra" model. She's lost so much weight and lost those nice boobs and now she needs to get breast implants to get back to her former beauty.

Tori Spelling has lost so much weight, she's like the rest of those diet queens, looking a tad freakish! Me, jealous? NOT!!!!!

Lara Flynn Boyle - all I can say is: Eat something for god's sake!!!!!!!!!!

I guess if you have unlimited cash, you figure you can always fix the after effects that severe dieting inflicts on your body with plastic surgery, maybe a little organ donation ‘ll do ya, too. Me thinks, they look awful. Not a celebrity beauty secret I really wanna share with you. But if you’re looking for celebrity diet secrets, well, I guess this is one of them.

Smoothie for smooth skin!

Summers are here.Fresh juicy fruits are here to quench our thirst but hey wait a minute ...did i tell you how to combine great taste with great health!Read on as I will tell you how a smoothie is a great drink for your skin.

We all need drinks other than plain water during the summers.If you are thiking of cola drinks already let me tell you they add only big calories...oh did you say diet colas ..well they don't give you even those and add nothing to nutrition...If you want to try maintain both your skin and weight this summer try some smoothie...It will quench your thirst and hunger (for the snack hours) and will give your skin all the benefits of real fruit.

If you don't know how to make a smoothie.I can tell you a really simple one first.
Take a bowl of yogurt and pot it in a blender.Now a cup of fresh juice..lets choose mixed fruit.Now add a banana and blend all these ingredients till you get a smooth drink.Now crush some ice separately in a blender and pour the smoothie on top of it.Pour it in a serving glass and garnish it with mint leaves and split almonds.Your smoothie is ready!

This is very basic recipe.You can add any fresh fruit and any juice you like and create wonderful variations of this basic recipe and your smoothie is ready.

If you have been reading my blog you already know that fresh and natural are the key words for a skin recipe.Smoothie gives you this benefit minus the calories.Hope you enjoy your smoothie today!

Not the Best Kept Celebrity Beauty Secret

celebrity beauty secrets carmen electraSize does matter, especially in Hollywood. If you want to be a big female star here, you literally need to be one. From taking screen tests to walking on the red carpet, you need to stick out if you want to beat the cut throat competition among the starls here. Breasts are the biggest symbols of a women’s sexuality. Nowhere else is this more true than in the tinsel world of Hollywood. Celebrity beauty secrets these days almost start and end with who has had the latest boob job and which looks best. From the numerous ‘miracle’ natural cures to breast implants and breast augmentation surgery, actresses are willing to try out anything that will literally and figuratively make them stand out.

Breast augmentation is a multibillion dollar industry by itself. But successful actresses don’t have a problem when it comes to breast implant financing. Actresses can and do pay for the best plastic surgeons to do the best job on celebrity boobs. A large amount of credit for the craze for a voluptuous figure has to go to Hollywood. When it comes to looks and fashion trends, celebrities have always been our role models. It is all the more so in today’s highly fashion conscious world. Almost everyone wants to have a torso like that of Carmen Elektra. Once she got breast implants to improve her breast size from B-cup to a C-cup, her career also zoomed. From gracing the covers of Playboy to landing a role in the popular Baywatch television series, her case proves the point that size does, after all, matter in Hollywood.

celebrity beauty secrets Pamela Anderson
Another Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson, is also good example of what breast implants can do to your career. Her exaggerated proportions have made her an international figure in every sense of the word. Celebrity beauty secrets are no longer the closely guarded secrets they used to be. In fact, many actresses are quite open about their enhanced assets. Tara Reid and Courtney Love immediately come to mind. Former Spice girl, Victoria Beckham is another name which we immediately think of. They have openly admitted having gone under the surgeon’s scalpel. Then there is the case of many others who are rumored to have undergone breast augmentation surgery at some point of time or other. The names list is long.

The bigger the better, seems to be the current motto in Hollywood. Bigger, better and improved breasts cannot be hidden in Hollywood. That is not the point, the point is to display what you’ve got. Show the children. Boob jobs are not the biggest kept celebrity beauty secret after all.

Do Celebrity Diets Work?

Many people want to lose weight but most simply are lost when it comes to selecting a diet program. The majority of consumers always want to know what the Celebrities eat, what are their celebrity diet secrets and how they manage to lose weight. But do all Celebs lose weight with the secret diets? Or is there another magical formula that only they know?

Recently in the news, Oprah herself claimed that she was overweight. Well she did not need to tell the world, she already looked overweight. And it is hard to believe that Oprah had a personal body trainer and she is also has a dear friend by the name of Dr. Phil. Dr Phil infact, has a diet book written by him- so would you not think that if Dr Phil's diet was that great, he would have told Oprah about it? It was Oprah after all who made him famous. Well, the news is out now- Oprah has new personal body trainer, and of course, Dr Phil is not included in her weight loss program. That should tell you a lot about celebrities and their diet books.

So what about celebrity diets, do they work? Well the answer to this question is difficult. For one thing Celebs do watch what they eat and they also exercise, some, like Madonna, to an extreme. Others have hired personal trainers. What the consumer has to remember is that many celebrities endorse a particular diet because they receive a lot of money (this can be hundreds of thousands of dollars). So they get paid to look good. Most consumers simply gravitate to a celebrity who looks great and has endorsed a particular diet. The other point to remember is that many Celebrities endorse diets which are every low in calories or carbohydrates.

Diets less than 1200 calories a day are close to starving on a daily basis. Most people cannot sustain such diets for more than a few weeks. Also remember, Celebrities do not have to work, they can stay at home, relax, watch TV and they lose weight. But they also exercise. Just because a celebrity endorses a diet does not mean they are 100 percent committed to it. On the outside yes, but at home they may eat whatever they want and still maintain a decent body weight.

In recent years, celebrity endorsed diets have gathered a lot of criticism among health care professionals. In many cases, the diets are not nutritionally adequate and not sustainable. Remember, just because a celebrity talks or endorse a diet does not mean they know what they are talking about.

Hollywood is a very competitive place to be. Celebrities have to remain thinner than the rest of us, to look good on camera which is rumoured to add about ten pounds to a person’s weight. But all Celebs do know one thing - to keep the endorsements and film offers coming in, they have to be thin and pretty. This is not really a celebrity diet secret, it is generally achieved through a lot of hard work and discipline.

Oscar Celebrity Fashion Secrets

As always, the celebrities that grace us with their presence, their celebrity beauty glowing and sense of style were witnessed last night on the red carpet at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. And what a night it was! With the style, sense of celebration and glamour of the stars on the red carpet for another night in yet another year of the Academy Awards. Elegance and sparkling gowns shimmered against the jewellery and beauty of the celebrities. Celebrity beauty secrets to share? Dieting, working out with a trainer, healthy eating, facials, botox, thermage, moisturizing, professional makeup applications and the fabulous gowns by this and that designer and, of course, the you gotta have the bling to match!

Here, our guest writer Laura L’adore spreads her wisdom of the night.

Well, the 2009 OSCARs hosted by the sublimely handsome and old Hollywood hunkamanliness Hugh Jackman was WONDERFUL!!

Loved the skits, loved the dance numbers, opening ( very SPIKE JONES MEETS WES ANDERSON)and that the MUSICAL it was campy, brilliant fun!!

Also, loved the idea of bringing out past recipients to pay homage to 2009 nominees............

Though Sophia Loren scared my cat, myself and well, let's just say that my father's 50 year long drooling over her, so over her.........shiver...........

Sophia - Step away from the olive oil and no, one does not need to brush it on one's whole body and then lie in some villa in Capri dahhhhhhhhhhhhling....... soaking up sun for months !!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, ok, I know, Laura, back to the gowns!!

Angelina Jolie – though your predilection for black gets a wee bit predictable, I must agree – very Madam X – John Singer.

What saved it? The emeralds, darling, the emeralds, (ring and earrings…) Fedex those to me ASAP!!!

Sarah Jessica Parker – “It is Dior Couture!!” She kept bragging at every red carpet interviewer… yeah, well, it overwhelms you sweetheart, and, frankly, when did you become cross-eyed and overly botoxed? And note to both of us… When one has a big nose (admit it, you think mine is big too… You just overlook it because that Laura is so funny!!) One should never, even have your hairline going straight down the middle of your hair/head!!!! Sheesh!!

Penelope Cruz – enough with the updo at Awards shows – so very sexy… Prom…. Do not like…. I worship at the altar of your sexy hair…. Work it… use it… embrace it… The dress, vintage Balmain, ok, the workmanship detail – exquis!!! Oui! Oui! Exquis… The overall look Chateau Laurier – 1940’s drapes. Did the dress reek of cigar and Canadian Club? See? That should have been a hint… not to wear that dress!!! Dress also overwhelmed you…

Heidi Klum – you have got to be kidding me!! Love Red, but non! Non!!, Non!! Trop, C’est trop!! But yes, hand over all those bracelets!! And the rings…. Yes, oh… Lovely!

Kate Winslet – dress was lovely, very elegant… Hair though lovely too was so very shellacked!! And can we please stop complimenting every blond actress who when dressed right looks so very Grace Kelly? There is only one Grace Kelly – She was the Stunner of Stunners. She is dead… Rest in peace.
Jessica Beil – You are a nobody, boring actress, but you are gorgeous, last night was either a wow… or you glue gunned/stapled a Wabaso 5000 thread count saint origami folded sheet to your dress…. So, did you? Or was that Timberlake’s idea for, you know… Post-Oscar frolicking of the X-Rated kind? Again, no biggie, you are Gorgeous!!

Tilda Swinton – your cheekbones could cut glass, your eyes are piercing, you are risky, more avant-garde than Bauhaus and I do find you rather oddly attractive in that Teutonic Ice fairy type (think Greta Garbo – aha… see) of manner… So I did love the gauzy blouse with black skirt combo because it works only on you…..

Miley Cyrus – what are you doing at the ….? Never mind!!! Ok, ok, this one was… difficult… The dress I was frankly, in love with it… (Vivien Leigh – Gone with the Wind) But then… pan to the belt… oh… God… oh God… the elastic waist… the gaudy metal butterfly painted with cheap enamel that I used to witness too many times cinched around Ginettes of all ages during my teenage years at the Pointe Gatineau malls…. Oh… The Horror!!! The Horror!!!
Marisa Tomei - WOW..WOW...WOW...WOW...... That is an Oscar dress if I ever saw one…. Argh!… If only I was a size 0!!!

Frieda Pinto – loved the cobalt blue… But no sorry, you are one of the most, if not the most stunning of Indian women yet to be witnessed on the silver screen… this was not the best choice of dress… I know, it IS Galliano… but something was just off for me… Ah! Yes, the hair… It was rather Elvis… Y!! Then again, as I stated earlier, you are gorgeous… you would look good in EDDIE BAUER!!

Photos courtesy of Newsworld

Celebrity Diet Secrets

In the last few years, many celebrities have been endorsing liquid diets. The majority of Hollywood stars claim that by adhering to these liquids diets they have been able to lose and maintain the weight loss, you may be led to believe this is the latest celebrity diet secret. Most people want to lose weight quick and fast and now they are wondering if this liquid diet really works. One of the favorite celebrity liquid diets on the market is the Hoodia diet.

The celebrity Hoodia diet is almost 50 percent fruit juice and 50 percent Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia is an extract of a plant in Africa. It is claimed that this liquid diet contains fewer carbohydrates and less calories than any other liquid diet around.

Hoodia has gained a lot of popularity in North America in recent years. Every one has a fancy story to tell about this plant from South Africa. Some claim that the natives of the Kalahari Desert who often go on hunting expeditions eat Hoodia so that they do not feel hungry. Others claim that by eating Hoodia these natives do not appear too appetizing to the lions that prefer plump tourists.

But does Hoodia work?

Well from what Hollywood celebrities say, it does work by decreasing appetite. Some claim that they rapidly lose weight in just a matter of a few days. The food experts claim that the weight loss seen in the first 2 days is simply water and this is not the correct way to lose weight.

Celebrities in Hollywood continue to use this diet for fast weight loss and heavily market it. They encourage people who want to lose weight to drink 12 ounces of the celebrity Hoodia liquid for 2 days. This should be accompanied by drinking lots of water. No food, alcohol or any other beverage is allowed. And to maintain the weight loss, only one glass per day is recommended. This is not the healthiest diet. It is more like starvation.

Unfortunately, there is very little data on this diet- except for celebrity claims about this quick weight loss method. All the reports are anecdotal. Celebrities in Hollywood do warn that not everyone can succeed with this diet.

By the way, if one fails to lose weight, then one can try the Lemon Juice Diet or any other fruit juice diet, easily found on the internet.

There are several negative reports and testimonials on cyberspace about this celebrity liquid diet- chiefly that the liquid diet is not sustainable and is the next thing to complete starvation.

Well it is hard to recommend this Hollywood celebrity diet secret. Most food experts recommend against using only a plant extract to lose weight. This diet is not nutritionally adequate nor is it sustainable. By the way, a bottle of this Hoodia will cost you $40 plus shipping. And there are no refunds.

All in all, this celebrity diet secret sounds a little like hogwash. For those who want to lose weight, avoid anything with the word celebrity in it. Weight is best done by eating less, eating balanced low fat meals and exercising more. This is cheaper, safer and produces results, perhaps a little more slowly but you are losing fat and not just water.

Isla Fisher not America’s new sweetheart just yet

Isla Fisher not america’s new sweetheart just yet

Judging from this weekend’s box office receipts, it seems like Isla Fisher’s coming out party as the new Renee Zellweger/ Sandra Bullock/ Katherine Heigl/ Reese Witherspoon did not go as well as her movie studio had hoped. Her film, “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” came in a dismal fourth, banking only $15,406,000. It’s not that audiences only had death on their minds (yes “Friday the 13th” came in first but the other big rom-com, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” came in second).

So, what gives? Was America just not feeling like paying money to watch someone spend money? Or are they just not into red heads?

Isla Fisher, if you’re reading this, take care — after all, not everyone can be another Paul Blart, mall cop.


Actress Isla Fisher is terrified of awards ceremonies, after flashing her backside the very first time she stepped out on the red carpet.

The Wedding Crashers star was thrilled to land an invitation to the 2007 Golden Globe Awards and turned up at the Hollywood bash wearing a brand new sheer-cut frock.
But the Aussie star's night quickly went downhill.

Isla Fisher explains, "I was so pleased with myself as I walked down the red carpet, and all cocky as I posed over my shoulder.

"As I got to the end, I realised the dress was torn up the back and my right cheek was totally exposed.

"They reported it as Isla Flasher. My friends started calling me that too."

Celebrity Beauty Secrets News

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Jenny McCarthy Uses Latisse Eyelash Treament; Drew Barrymore; Celebs Talk About Bad Hair Days • Halle Berry’s Favorite Beauty Products. hollywood-hair-virtual-makeover-try-on-celebrity-hairstyles-; Site To Be Seen: InStyle Hollywood Hair ... Halle Berry’s Favorite Beauty Products; I actually cut off over a foot of hair last spring and had a real bob, but now I want to grow my hair again but not too long as it was before, so this lenght seems perfect. ...

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Found in: Celebrity Beauty, Beauty Tips & Secrets. Beauty Tips - How to get rid of Bite Marks - Celebrity News- Rihana &. Well it’s all over the web, the “alleged” domestic battery of Rihanna by Chris Brown! ...

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