Is my daily routine affecting my skin?

AS we get along with the everyday routine we often forget about some minor things that can make a big difference to our appearance.I remember how my friends used to give me a jaw dropping look when i used to get ready for the dinner after a tiring day's work.

There are some very simple things one can do to maintain the natural baby soft texture of the skin:
1.Drink plenty of water.When your skin is well hydrated it looks more fresh and healthy.
2.Help your skin breathe.Make sure you clean your skin with an oil free cleanser regularly so that the pores are not clogged.
3.This is one of my personal favourite tips.I just love the well marked out jawline.This comes with exercise and yoga.Fat and fl abs often do much harm to how the outline of ounce's face looks.
4.Eat fresh.Nature has given us amazing fruits and vegetables.Let the world say its a salad you are eating, as long as i look does not matter to me what they say

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