Dont squeeze your Pimple!

As most of my readers keep asking me "whats the harm in popping a pimple?", I thought of putting up a whole article on it here.Let me begin by asking you why you squeeze your pimple.most common reason is that it disappears fast if you squeeze it....right?

Now let me tell you what happens when you squeeze a pimple.
Pimple(acne) is a skin infection caused by propionibacterium acnes predisposed by oiliness of face and increased androgen secretion in the body.Because it is a bacterial infection squeezing it causes thousands of bacteria to spill over your skin and pass into the blood circulation promoting pimples over other areas of your face.So this simply means if you have one pimple and you squeeze it then you are likely to get some more.

Moreover a pimple has associated inflammation with it.Squeezing a pimple promotes inflammation and also causes darkening of the skin around the pimple as you step out in the sun.This is called hyperpigmentation.It may take a while for this pigmentation to go.

The blackhead or the white head that you squeeze leaves the area injured that heals with a scar often making the pore bigger with poor elasticity making them look larger.It is one of the reason of having large pores on skin.

Now next time you see an ugly pimple on your face be patient to get consultation from a dermatologist and don't squeeze it right away.