Body image has been an issue throughout centuries many cultures have had their own way of perceiving what the perfect image is. For example the Chinese used foot-binding to have petite feet because they are preferred in their culture and in Victorian times they preferred bigger woman because they were better for child bearing. Women have had to strive for the perfect body for centuries in order to attract males and to fit their society’s expectations. The ideal perfect body has changed throughout history and throughout cultures. Even though the perfect body in every culture has been enforced and promoted the health effects were never considered or talked about. The issue of body image is significant because it has affected many women and girls both physically and mentally. Depression, anorexia, bulimia, self- esteem and other issues surround the problem of body image in our culture. These issues are never considered especially when the perfect body is promoted in the media and society. For example in modeling the women are expected to fit a certain size and if they do not than they do not receive the modeling job. The modeling agencies expect them to fit their criteria but they do not realize the effects on the models. I decided to examine this issue because it surrounds us and affects us everywhere. As a girl in society we are expected to meet a certain physical look to be beautiful. This pressure can come from family, friends, men, fashion, our culture, and most importantly the media. This issue effects me even more because I am a Latina society stereotypes us as being curvy, sexual, and seductive. By examining this issue we can be more informed about the implications and effects the “perfect body” has on women and culture and do something about it.