Celebrities and Cocktails

The Art of Parties and Staying Slim

What is the celebrity beauty secret the stars all seem to share about weight control and alcohol? Whenever people get to see celebrities either in movies, at hotels or at some resort spot, each time they appear to be sipping a cocktail. Parties, parties, parties which all gives us a fair amount of celebrity gossip in the media. But are not cocktails full of calories? Sure they are, but Celebs do not gain weight in most cases.

Most people seem to think only desserts are full of calories. Well, apparently, Celebs have the inside information to cocktails and know that they are packed with calories but if one drinks the right one, the weight disaster can be avoided.

During this time of the year, there are endless parties around each block and asides from eating and drinking, there is little else to do. Almost every party serves exotic cocktails. Cocktails act like an aphrodisiacs for food. You drink a little, then you eat some nuts; drink more and eat some dessert and so on; and by the time you realize it, you have over indulged.

When it comes to cocktails, the number of calories depends on the drink size, the amount you drink, the proof of alcohol (the higher the alcohol content the more the calories) and the mixers. And it is the mixers like the syrups and sodas which are packed with calories.

To make matters worse, many Hollywood parties serve super sized calorie rich cocktails. Many are disguised under fancy and tempting names like Key Lime Pie Martini, Chocolate Syrup martini or Hot Buttered rum. For most people, it takes only a sip of these drinks and the lust for more is unstoppable.

So how do Celebrities manage to avoid these mouth watering drinks? Simple, they skip the mixers, dilute the drinks with soda water or drink a light beer. In other cases, Celebs simply order a diet soda in a wine glass. The majority of Celebs have many parties to attend and generally eat a light snack before going to the function- the snack keeps them full and also prevents them from getting tipsy- this way on the way home they will still look pretty for cameras. We can all learn from their celebrity beauty secrets, how to stay thin and keep off those unwanted pounds even during the holiday celebrations.