How to grow healthy eyebrows and eyelashes?

Eyelashes and eyebrows are an essential part of you face. No matter how beautiful you are , if your eyebrows and eyelashes are not healthy you will not look your best. Now the question is what to do for them.
Actually speaking if you have healthy scalp hair, your eyebrows and eyelashes will also grow healthy. You can try some of these tips to get the black lustrous eyelashes and eyebrows back:
1. Scalp hair massage - this improves the blood circulation of not only your scalp but also face making the eyebrow and eyelash hair thicker and darker.
2. Almond oil- take a drop of almond oil and massage it over your eyebrows gently.
3. Figure of eight massage - i have talked about this method in sections on facial massage. this helps to keep your eyes healthy and improves blood circulation around them.
4. No eyelash curling - if you curl your eyelashes artificially hair become brittle and fall off quickly
Getting your eyelashes back is no magic. It make take some time (days to months). this is true only if you have not being suffering from any medical condition. If you are suffering from some medical condition you must talk to your physician about it.