Antioxidants for beautiful skin

Antioxidant.....the word sounds quite familiar.......but you often wonder what it is!Well need not ponder any more.I will tell you :) Antioxidants are natural substances that are known to destroy the toxic substances in the body that are produced with normal metabolism and are harmful for the body.To put it in simple words they cleanse the system of unwanted damaging substances.

Three well known antioxidants are Vitamin A ,Vitamin C and Vitamin E.Out of these Vitamin C can be taken without any monitoring of fear of side effects because it is water soluble and if taken in excess gets excreted in urine without causing any harm.

Vitamin C is one of the vital ingredient of collagen that maintains the elasticity of the skin
so one can think of its obvious benefits.Its best natural sources are Lemon, Amla and orange (citrus fruits).It helps in preventing early wrinkling of the skin and maintain its elasticity.

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