The Beauty of Water Fountains

Ever watched a water fountain whether it is man made or natural? Ever took the time to listen to the gentle gurgle of water flowing. It envelopes one in an environment of serenity, contemplation, and reflective thought. It sets the mood for relaxation in any garden or home. Instead of using white noise, it is more therapeutic to use the actual sounds of flowing water as it freely releases oxygen into the air.

Just watching a water fountain in of itself soothes the nerves and revives the senses. All around the world you will find water fountains. It had existed during the time of the Egyptians gardens around 3,000 BC. The Persians had elaborate gardens using water fountains as irrigation. The Greeks and Romans had numerous water fountains in their gardens and baths for all to appreciate. During the 15th century of Spain the Moors introduced beautiful gardens, tiled water fountains and public baths.

In fact, around the world there has been an appreciation for gardens and water fountains from ancient times. In China, India, Japan just to name a few other countries had and still have elaborate watger fountains which always goes well with keeping a beautiful garden in the home or outside.

In modern time, the only thing that has changed is the time we take to appreciate its beauty and allow it to heal our mind and spirit.

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By: Marjorie Broodie aka

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