Celebrities - Hair Style Pictures

Here are some prom or wedding updo hair style pictures in which celebrities show you how they wear their hair up for a special occasion. All you need to do is add a few flowers or pearls or other hair jewelry and you'll be ready for your special day! Take the photo to your hair stylist if you can not do it yourself.

Here are some of your favorite celebrites in updo hair styles:

Halle Berry's Updo Hair Style


Halle Berry's Second Updo Hair Style

Angelina Jolie's Updo Hair Style

Angelina Jolie's updo hairstyle consists of long, almost chin-length face-framing bangs which are parted in the center. The rest of the hair is gathered into a loose high pony tail, which can be secured with a Blax Elastic (a favorite elastic of celebrity hair dressers for loose or tight ponytails and minimal hair damage, as they are plastic and can be cut out of the hair).

Angelina Jolie's Updo Back View

The back of the hair is then twisted into small, messy coils. These can be held in place with bobbie pins and hair spray. The finishing touch is a shiny metalic barrette. Don't forget the dangling earrings.

Jennifer Lopez's Updo Hair Style

Jennifer Lopez's updo hairstyle looks like it was set in medium to large sized rollers first (you can use either gel, steam, or electric rollers). The hair is parted in the middle, and the back of the crown is back combed for height. The bangs are long, straight, chin length and curled slightly under at the ends.

Jennifer Lopez's Updo Side View

The hair is twisted into medium sized loose, messy coils on the back. Bring this photo to a hairstylist to get a similar interpretation.