How to improve your appearance?

Now that you have come to this blog surely reflects that you are determined to look your best.So lets get started:
These are some very simple steps that can help you add to your looks.Let us go head-to-toe so that we don't miss out anything.

1.Hair Style:You have a haircut that suits your facial bone structure.It can make your face look slimmer if you are overweight.Short hair are manageable if you are working and cannot spend too much time on hair care.Summer is another good reason to go for shorter hair.

2.Eye brows:Neatly done eye brows look good and make you look fresh.Though Americans may use wax to trim them,threading is a popular Indian way catching up among Americans too.Length and thickness of eyebrows can change the look of your face completely!

3.Dress:Never wear a light top if you are overweight as it will define the bulged more clearly.However a very loose top will make you look fatter as well.So the trick is to wear dark colored tight fit tops made out of fabrics that do not cling too much too the skin.If however you are very thin try some loose tops in lighter shades.

If you choose a loose top make sure your pants or skirt fit well and opposite applies for tight fit tops.

4:Shoes:Shoes can do a lot of trick in adding height to your look if you are short .But make sure you don't wear too high heals as they can be dangerous and cause ligament must match your dress and occasion as well but according to me comfort is the bottom line.

5.Accessories:Keep it simple unless it is a party or a date.Too much cling-cling or piercing creates a bad impression.I prefer accessories that add to the look and don't look an extra!

6.Make up and skin care:Wear make up that suits the occasion and make sure you remove it soon after you return home!

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