Celebrity Beauty Tips For The After Fifty Set

Celebrity Beauty Secrets - Jane Fonda
If you've been paying attention, you'll have noticed that while there's still the same inclination for younger faces in Hollywood, there is also a new movement a foot that's deals with a celebration of the older actress and model. At the forefront now are actresses like Jane Fonda and Sally Field who are highlighting the fact that over fifty can look good. To that end, there is a new batch of celebrity beauty secrets that are geared to helping the older woman look great in her golden years.


It seems that one of the critical elements that makes up these celebrity beauty secrets has to do with aptitude. Although there is a certain element that states a woman over fifty needs to be more aware of what her makeup can do to hide some of the tell tale signs of aging, most of the experts agree that how an older woman carries herself is almost as important. They say that the best thing a woman over fifty can do for herself is remember that she's still beautiful on the inside and out. When they remember that, their appearance projects an air of confidence that is attractive.

Cleansing Milk
Celebrity Beauty Secrets - Sally Field
One of the other beauty tips and secrets that keeps the older Hollywood legends looking great has to do with looking their skin. Remember that as you grow older your skin tends to get dry and that's something you need to watch out for if you want to maintain a youthful appearance. Again, celebrity's beauty secrets suggest that you don’t use soap on your face at this age. They feel that good cleansing milk will do a better job and they also stress that you don’t wash with either very hot or very cold water. Some of the celebrity antiaging beauty tips and secrets that are practiced by these older celebrities have a strong emphasis on common sense.


For skin care tips: It's important to wash with tap water as well and Vaseline can be rubbed into the skin at bath time to combat the wrinkles that are often associated with aging. Watch out for extremely hot or cold weather and use a mixture of egg yolk and almond oil here to combat the ravages that this weather can bring on. To keep your skin looking good for as long as possible, it's suggested that you do this two to three times a week.

These are just two of the inexpensive celebrity beauty secrets you can use yourself to develop your own style of beauty without an large cash payout for your beauty routine.