The video that I decided to focus on was a dove video titled “Onslaught”. The video is part of a “The Campaign for Real Beauty” Dove launched in 2004. The campaign is raising awareness about the issues many face when speaking about beauty. The video shows different media exposures about beauty and the means to get the “right look” being almost shoved and pushed towards a little girl as she and her friends are going to school. The point of the video is to be aware that the media and its perception on beauty are constantly being taught to women especially young girls. Even though may argue that the media exposure might not have any impact on young girls it does cause them to have self-esteem issues about themselves.

The first time I saw the video I was shocked and amazed of how much we are shown about beauty in the media. We are constantly are bombarded with these “fake” images about these beautiful women without noticing. When they are all put together and shown as one we see that they are troubling and then we question what we see. Even though the video captivates many it has not been shown nationwide. Therefore many especially young girls accept what they see and do not question it at all. Why not question when not being informed? We live in a society where few make important decisions about what we see and what can be questioned. There are few corporations and networks that control the media industry therefore they decide what is going to be shown and what is not. Due to this power given to very few people and the increasing in money hungry individuals we continue to see anything being done for money in the media. That is showing your naked body nationwide or kissing two people at the same time. It is done for a reason because the media only wants captivating images in order to make profit. Therefore young “normal” everyday looking girls are not of importance towards the media industry because there is nothing captivating about them that would make money according to them. One way to stop this bombardment of false images of women is to change the media industry from its roots.

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