Not the Best Kept Celebrity Beauty Secret

celebrity beauty secrets carmen electraSize does matter, especially in Hollywood. If you want to be a big female star here, you literally need to be one. From taking screen tests to walking on the red carpet, you need to stick out if you want to beat the cut throat competition among the starls here. Breasts are the biggest symbols of a women’s sexuality. Nowhere else is this more true than in the tinsel world of Hollywood. Celebrity beauty secrets these days almost start and end with who has had the latest boob job and which looks best. From the numerous ‘miracle’ natural cures to breast implants and breast augmentation surgery, actresses are willing to try out anything that will literally and figuratively make them stand out.

Breast augmentation is a multibillion dollar industry by itself. But successful actresses don’t have a problem when it comes to breast implant financing. Actresses can and do pay for the best plastic surgeons to do the best job on celebrity boobs. A large amount of credit for the craze for a voluptuous figure has to go to Hollywood. When it comes to looks and fashion trends, celebrities have always been our role models. It is all the more so in today’s highly fashion conscious world. Almost everyone wants to have a torso like that of Carmen Elektra. Once she got breast implants to improve her breast size from B-cup to a C-cup, her career also zoomed. From gracing the covers of Playboy to landing a role in the popular Baywatch television series, her case proves the point that size does, after all, matter in Hollywood.

celebrity beauty secrets Pamela Anderson
Another Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson, is also good example of what breast implants can do to your career. Her exaggerated proportions have made her an international figure in every sense of the word. Celebrity beauty secrets are no longer the closely guarded secrets they used to be. In fact, many actresses are quite open about their enhanced assets. Tara Reid and Courtney Love immediately come to mind. Former Spice girl, Victoria Beckham is another name which we immediately think of. They have openly admitted having gone under the surgeon’s scalpel. Then there is the case of many others who are rumored to have undergone breast augmentation surgery at some point of time or other. The names list is long.

The bigger the better, seems to be the current motto in Hollywood. Bigger, better and improved breasts cannot be hidden in Hollywood. That is not the point, the point is to display what you’ve got. Show the children. Boob jobs are not the biggest kept celebrity beauty secret after all.