Smoothie for smooth skin!

Summers are here.Fresh juicy fruits are here to quench our thirst but hey wait a minute ...did i tell you how to combine great taste with great health!Read on as I will tell you how a smoothie is a great drink for your skin.

We all need drinks other than plain water during the summers.If you are thiking of cola drinks already let me tell you they add only big calories...oh did you say diet colas ..well they don't give you even those and add nothing to nutrition...If you want to try maintain both your skin and weight this summer try some smoothie...It will quench your thirst and hunger (for the snack hours) and will give your skin all the benefits of real fruit.

If you don't know how to make a smoothie.I can tell you a really simple one first.
Take a bowl of yogurt and pot it in a blender.Now a cup of fresh juice..lets choose mixed fruit.Now add a banana and blend all these ingredients till you get a smooth drink.Now crush some ice separately in a blender and pour the smoothie on top of it.Pour it in a serving glass and garnish it with mint leaves and split almonds.Your smoothie is ready!

This is very basic recipe.You can add any fresh fruit and any juice you like and create wonderful variations of this basic recipe and your smoothie is ready.

If you have been reading my blog you already know that fresh and natural are the key words for a skin recipe.Smoothie gives you this benefit minus the calories.Hope you enjoy your smoothie today!