Hugh Jackman`s Workout Routine

Celebrity Beauty Secrets : Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman, who was crowned the ‘sexiest man alive’ in 2008 by none other than the People Magazine, has got a body to die for. Let’s agree on at least this. As far as masculinity and good looks are concerned, he’s got it all. He’s a celeb, he’s gorgeous, he’s talented, he can sing and dance. He’s the epitomy of masculinity. Just watch him move on the screen. Hmmm. Yummm! Hugh Jackman's workout routine is perhaps the most sought after info online today by men, knowing that women and other men adore Hugh Jackman and want to know: How do you get in shape like Hugh Jackman?

You’re probably thinking it’s weird that I’m finally writing about a guy on a celebrity beauty blog. I’ve only posted articles about beautiful celebrity women stars. But let’s face it, beauty is not restricted to one gender.

Although celebrity fitness routines may appear quite easy, nothing could be further from truth. A lot of hard work goes into getting that Hollywood man physique of the kind of Hugh Jackman. There is nothing easy about celebrity workout secrets. You should be first of all willing to put in those extra hours in the gym, lifting heavy weights with repetitions, if you want to get into that kind of a shape. Hugh Jackman is known to have leg pressed 1,000 times and benched 300 pounds, when he was preparing for his role in the movie ‘X-Men : The Last Stand’.

The sculpted physique that you see of Hugh Jackman is something, like Rome, that was not built in a day. One of the most sought after exercise routines, Jackman makes it a point to workout at least two hours every day. Just as in the case with many celebrity workout routines, a lot of Jackman’s training is aimed towards adding muscle mass to his body. Not only that, when he needs to get into shape for a movie, he hires a personal trainer.

As part of his fitness training schedule, he also does Pilates and Yoga. Although you can find celebrity beauty secrets through some source or other, you need to still remember that following some of the celebrity fitness routines require plenty of determination and perseverance. You should first of all make a careful study of the celebrity workout routines that could suit you, preferably in consultation with a qualified fitness instructor. Once you start off on a fitness program, it is also essential that you are motivated enough to not drop out in between.