Susan Boyle's Not So Secret Makeover

Celebrity Beauty Secrets : Susan BoyleIt seems that celebrities everywhere, wherever they are, get makeovers every once in a while. It's how they maintain their celebrity beauty. Even newcomers to stardom, such as American Idol’s contestants get celebrity makeovers when they start appearing on the show. The experts advise them on such things as teeth whitening, new hair styles, new makeup and new clothes. The makeup artists work their magic on them.

This is no different for the latest new celebrity over in Britain, famous in seven weeks for her singing, Susan Boyle. Millions of people all over the world have either watched her performances on television or watched the videos of her on YouTube. The press is full of stories about her and the world wide web has masses of websites and information on her.

She is a very ordinary woman from a village in Scotland with an extraordinary voice. People have fallen in love with her because she’s just a normal, ordinary woman, 48 years old, overweight, bushy eyebrows and apparently, never been kissed. Since rising to fame because of her performances on Britain’s Got Talent, she has had a makeover and it is no celebrity secret. It has become major news. In fact, everything she does has become major news. She even appeared on the Oprah show and was asked about her makeover.

What did the experts do with Susan Boyle? First of all, they plucked her previously bushy eyebrows and cut and colored her dry fly away hair giving her an auburn color and a nice short hair cut to frame her face. She had a friend apply makeup to her previously bare face.

Even Susan admits how frumpy she was. She is now wearing new clothes including a sexy black leather jacket, tasteful classic trousers and some red high heels.

She admits she will need to work on the wardrobe a bit more and to lose some weight. She has the desire to look “nice and smart.” So Susan’s celebrity secret makeover did not remain a secret from the world for long. It became widely reported in the media. But whatever she does, the whole world loves Susan Boyle and people will be watching to see if she wins this weekend’s Britain’s Got Talent.