Cellulite: Its Will cause and Treatments

Cellulite refers to the fat stored on exact body parts specially on the tummy. It looks like orange peel or log cabin cheese under the skin.


Cellulite is a fat tissue that appears below the skin’s surface. People does not need to be overweight to have cellulite, in fact, skinny people can have some on their buttocks, breasts, thighs, and stomach. Cellulite is cause by the following:

1. Genetics.

People who have close kinfolk that have cellulite are more flat to it. Studies show that almost 85% of women who have cellulites have relations (mostly parents) pretentious by the same problem at least once in their lives.

2. Lack of exercise.

People who do not exercise need to tone their muscles to put off cellulite creation. Following a cardio program or strength training is one way in keeping cellulite away from the body. Walking, jogging, and swimming are also fun behavior to avoid cellulite.

3. Poor eating habits.

Unhealthy food together with overload consumption of alcohol, caffeine or spicy foods are directly linked to cellulite formation. When a person takes too much of these foods, the body looses its ability to flush the toxins they produce so they are stored in the fatty tissue. Experts advise 8 glasses of water everyday instead of caffeine or alcoholic beverages.

4. Smoking.

Few people know that smoking is one of the leads to of cellulite creation. It weakens the skin by constricting the capillaries and harms the connective tissue. As a result, the skin develops cellulites.

A dependable way to decrease or remove cellulite is through a healthy diet, constant exercise, and enough water to remove the toxins from the body.


There are a lot of cellulite therapies in the market today. Some of them are the following:

People who are affliction from too much cellulite and have the need to eradicate them as soon as possible resort to liposuction. This is the removal of cellulite or fat deposits through surgical process. Although liposuction has prospective side effects, more and more people are going for it because of its fast and tremendous fallout.

However, people who do not have the budget or the guts to try liposuction use cellulite creams that hold minerals, herbs, antioxidants, and vitamins. These creams offer needed moisture and increase the blood supply to cure damaged and dried out cellulite-exaggerated body parts. These creams have low support rate because minimum fallout can be seen in few months.

Cellulite lift on the other hand, has very shows potential fallout. This is in particular designed for people who have lost considerable amount of weight that resulted to glut skin. As of today, cellulite lift is the most enveloping course of action to restore youthful, firm skin. While it promises great outcome, it also comes with drawbacks. It can leave broad scar and longer healing period for the patient.

Another treatment is called Laser Lipolisis. This performance was developed in Italy. This is done by inserting fiber-optic laser through small incisions on the end body part. This laser absorbs more than 500 grams of body fat.

Cellulite is one of the biggest problems being faced by Americans today. However, with the prevention tips and practice, cellulite should be no big deal! Learn how to fight it and have get a body beautiful in no time.

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