Mud Mask magic for oily skin

Mud mask is an effective way to get rid of excess oil from your skin.Mud has a unique property to absorb any liquid that comes in its contact.This is the main principle of these masks.

Most popular are multani mitti or chandan masks.Take the powder and make it into a fine paste.Apply it over your skin preventing the eye and mouth areas.Now let it dry.Once dried you will feel a tightening effect on your skin.Now notice the dried mask in the mirror.You will see some rounded spots that look like wet mud on the nose area and around it.It is actually the oil from your skin that has come out with capillary action and is absorbed in the mud mask.

Wash off with water.You will notice that the pores of your face have become a bit smaller.With repeated use it will loosen out the dirt in the pores.Use the mask once or twice a week.

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