Beauty Routine

1. I never ever ever go to bed with my makeup on, even if I have been out partying and had one too many. If you do, you will wake up the next morning, not only with a possible hangover, but with gunged, screwed up, dirty eyes that need loads of tlc. (tender loving care) So you must develop your own bedtime routine.

2. I try to get a good nights sleep as this, in my opinion, is the best beauty treatment you can have. And it's free. As we go through life this is not always possible with all the stresses and tensions that modern day living has brought to us. But as I said, I try.

3. In the morning I have a cup of tea, if I feel particularly virtuous I'll have a cup of green tea, ugh, and then get up to face the day.

4. Before I have a shower I tie my hair up and clean my teeth while waiting for the water to get hot.

5. After my shower I cleanse my face with one of those new style wipes and they are brilliant.

6. I spritz my face with a water spray then moisturise. I would not miss this for the world because moisturiser holds the water in your skin and helps keep your skin hydrated.

7. Next. Wow but Next. I always, without fail, use a TOTAL sunblock. My daughter says I look too pale but, if you don't want a pale face, the answer is to use either a brown cheek shadow, blusher or an artificial sun colorant.

8. Let the cream dry thoroughly before applying your makeup. This is a pain but necessary or your skin will be too greasy.

Then I have my two minute plan.

9. Take a large soft brush, like a shaving brush, and the dust your face with mineral powder make up. This is the best make up I have ever used for a day time make up. You can add extra if you want a more made up look for evening or if you want to conceal blemishes.

10. Then with a flat eye shadow brush and using a basic beige powder shadow I brush all over my lids, fading it out the closer to the brows I get. I normally accentuate the creases of my eyelids for a slightly more dramatic look with a darker shade.

11. Then a quick lick of mascara (brown) a touch of lip gloss and I'm off. I promise you that this quick beauty routine is all you need to have a beautiful look that will keep in all day and not look overmade up or take forever to apply.

Why waste your valuable time doing all that heavy smuck?

P.S. I only ever buy moisturiser and face creams from the local supermarket, because in my opinion, unless you have a problem skin that may need specialist treatment, the designer products are over priced, often celebrity endorsed and offer little value for money.

Copyright 2006 Jaks Lloyd

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Jaks Lloyd, former photographic fashion model, is the author of the above article which appears in her definitive website

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