Skin Care and Beauty Routines

Good skin care and beauty are easier to achieve than you might imagine. And since we only get one face per lifetime, it's much better to invest in skin care now rather than a facelift down the road.

When choosing a skin care program, better you use all of the steps from the same brand because they are formulated to work together. Don't use a different set. Also, be sure to use ALL the steps in a skin care set. Its can make a better result for you.

Wash your face thoroughly before applying makeup.

When applying your facial skin care cleanser, use light strokes so as not to tug on your skin. Use your third finger around the deliate eye area. It's your weakest finger and will do the least amount of damage. Toner and moisturizer round out the facial and now you're ready for foundation and color cosmetics. Mask should not be applied too close to the mouth or the eye area.

True beauty comes from within, and makeup and cosmetics simply enhance that. If your skin care and beauty routine doesn't involve a lot of makeup, don't worry. A few shades of neutral or sheer cosmetics will give you that special glow and look of natural beauty.