Celebrity Diet Secrets

In the last few years, many celebrities have been endorsing liquid diets. The majority of Hollywood stars claim that by adhering to these liquids diets they have been able to lose and maintain the weight loss, you may be led to believe this is the latest celebrity diet secret. Most people want to lose weight quick and fast and now they are wondering if this liquid diet really works. One of the favorite celebrity liquid diets on the market is the Hoodia diet.

The celebrity Hoodia diet is almost 50 percent fruit juice and 50 percent Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia is an extract of a plant in Africa. It is claimed that this liquid diet contains fewer carbohydrates and less calories than any other liquid diet around.

Hoodia has gained a lot of popularity in North America in recent years. Every one has a fancy story to tell about this plant from South Africa. Some claim that the natives of the Kalahari Desert who often go on hunting expeditions eat Hoodia so that they do not feel hungry. Others claim that by eating Hoodia these natives do not appear too appetizing to the lions that prefer plump tourists.

But does Hoodia work?

Well from what Hollywood celebrities say, it does work by decreasing appetite. Some claim that they rapidly lose weight in just a matter of a few days. The food experts claim that the weight loss seen in the first 2 days is simply water and this is not the correct way to lose weight.

Celebrities in Hollywood continue to use this diet for fast weight loss and heavily market it. They encourage people who want to lose weight to drink 12 ounces of the celebrity Hoodia liquid for 2 days. This should be accompanied by drinking lots of water. No food, alcohol or any other beverage is allowed. And to maintain the weight loss, only one glass per day is recommended. This is not the healthiest diet. It is more like starvation.

Unfortunately, there is very little data on this diet- except for celebrity claims about this quick weight loss method. All the reports are anecdotal. Celebrities in Hollywood do warn that not everyone can succeed with this diet.

By the way, if one fails to lose weight, then one can try the Lemon Juice Diet or any other fruit juice diet, easily found on the internet.

There are several negative reports and testimonials on cyberspace about this celebrity liquid diet- chiefly that the liquid diet is not sustainable and is the next thing to complete starvation.

Well it is hard to recommend this Hollywood celebrity diet secret. Most food experts recommend against using only a plant extract to lose weight. This diet is not nutritionally adequate nor is it sustainable. By the way, a bottle of this Hoodia will cost you $40 plus shipping. And there are no refunds.

All in all, this celebrity diet secret sounds a little like hogwash. For those who want to lose weight, avoid anything with the word celebrity in it. Weight is best done by eating less, eating balanced low fat meals and exercising more. This is cheaper, safer and produces results, perhaps a little more slowly but you are losing fat and not just water.