Isla Fisher not America’s new sweetheart just yet

Isla Fisher not america’s new sweetheart just yet

Judging from this weekend’s box office receipts, it seems like Isla Fisher’s coming out party as the new Renee Zellweger/ Sandra Bullock/ Katherine Heigl/ Reese Witherspoon did not go as well as her movie studio had hoped. Her film, “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” came in a dismal fourth, banking only $15,406,000. It’s not that audiences only had death on their minds (yes “Friday the 13th” came in first but the other big rom-com, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” came in second).

So, what gives? Was America just not feeling like paying money to watch someone spend money? Or are they just not into red heads?

Isla Fisher, if you’re reading this, take care — after all, not everyone can be another Paul Blart, mall cop.


Actress Isla Fisher is terrified of awards ceremonies, after flashing her backside the very first time she stepped out on the red carpet.

The Wedding Crashers star was thrilled to land an invitation to the 2007 Golden Globe Awards and turned up at the Hollywood bash wearing a brand new sheer-cut frock.
But the Aussie star's night quickly went downhill.

Isla Fisher explains, "I was so pleased with myself as I walked down the red carpet, and all cocky as I posed over my shoulder.

"As I got to the end, I realised the dress was torn up the back and my right cheek was totally exposed.

"They reported it as Isla Flasher. My friends started calling me that too."