How to keep your lips red and soft?

Lips have very delicate skin and need to maintained for a beautiful smile.If your lips are dark,cracked or dry it time to give 5 minutes to your lips.

Here are some useful tips for maintaining the beauty of your lips:

1.Quit smoking !! Yes you heard me right.Smoking darken your lips.

2.If you use lipstick regularly make sure you bye a good brand.Just like your eyes your lips have very delicate skin and lipsticks are ofcource chemicals.Make sure you cleanse your lips with a cream based moisturiser every night before sleep.

3.Too hot liquids like tea,coffee,cocoa also darken your lips.Just like teeth lips are also sensitive to temperature

4.Make sure you keep your lips clean....don't forget to wipe then after eating!

5.Keep your lips well moisturised using a chap stick specially in winters.

If you already have dark lips you can try this simple to use remedy:

Take a small amount of milk cream and add lemon juice to it.Massage your lips with it for 5-10 minutes and wash it with water.It will remove darkness and make them red,soft and moist.