Therapy for lifeless,thin and falling hair

Falling and lifeless thin hair...common hair problems that can be prevented and treated.No!...i am not talking about the latest shampoo with conditioner in market.

Use oil to massage your scalp with your finger tips for 15-20 minutes twice a week.
1.Massage improves blood circulation and helps to enhance growth in the hair follicles.
2.It will make your hair stronger and prevent breakage
3.Oil is a natural conditioner .If used 1 hour before a hair wash it will make your hair soft and shiny after hair wash.

After you wash your hair wrap a towel dipped in warm water on your hair.It will help to restore the moisture in your hair by its steaming effect.

If falling hair or dandruff is your main concern then take lemon juice in a bowl and massage your scalp with it before hair wash.It can cause some tingling sensation but it is normal.

This will make your hair strong,shiny and well hydrated to the tip.