Treatment for Dark Circles

Dark Circles is not just a cosmetic problem.It occurs due to stasis of blood around the eyes being reflected as dark blue/brown.It offen occues due to eye strain, lack of sleep,allergic rhinitis.

1.The most important step is to get a sound sleep of atleast 8 hrs every day.

2.If you are a computer user make sure you take a break in between if you are using computer for long hours.

3.Make sure your are wearing correct power glasses for near/distant vision.This will avoid eye strain.

4.Putting cotton pads soaked in cold water on ur eyes is a good way of refreshing the eyes.

5.Apply cucumber juice on the dark circles for 5 min regularly and wash off with water.

6.Refigerate round slices of cucumber and place them on your closed eyes for the cooling and relaxing effect.

7.Daily massage with oil(olive oil) can help improve the blood circulation around eyes and relieve dark circles.

8.Skn around the eyes is very sensitive.Try to avoid contact with scrubs , chemical peels or packs on the skin around eyes.

However the best is to treat them....for a quick cover up a good make up can help.Watch the tips on this video