Tips and Tricks to look ten years younger without plastic surgery

Appearances can be deceptive....hmm turn it around to mean you can make your appearance seem younger without the need for any plastic surgery or expensive chemical treatments.Read on..
1.If you keep your hair short they look more heavy.This should work specially if your hair have thinned out and you still have them long like you used to have them ten years back.

2.For fine lines on your skin the immediate help is to use a concealer of one tone lighter than your skin and blend it in using a foundation.However a long term solution would be to get a regular facial done.A good facial help to prevent sagging of your face and will actually lift your face to some extent.

3.Dress in a darker color if you want to hide bulges on your body.But some dresses can actually make your curves prominent for example slacks! a big no no if you are plus size.

4.A lot of women have a problem of weight gain after they have lost it.You can maintain your figure if you simply sit erect and keep your abdomen and back aligned.This will allow your abdominal muscles to push back your internal organs and prevent a bulging belly.

5.If you are short in height and have put on weight you should add height to your appearance by wearing heels.But do not try this if you suffer from arthritis.

6.Beware of overdone make-up.Too much of make up to hide your facial flaws ends up making your face look like a mask....eeh phony!

7.This last tip is for ladies who have some fat around the face making it look chubby.To give better definition to your chin and jawline use Yoga neck exercises.Ask a yoga practitioner to teach you these exercises.By defining your jaw you will have a slimmer appearance.Slim face people definitely appear slimmer no matter what !